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Where Can I Read This Book Loves You By Pewdiepie Online Or Download?

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Where Can I Read This Book Loves You By Pewdiepie Online Or Download?

If that book isn’t available at your library, you don’t want to get a “shared” copy. Shared = stolen. Textbooks are expensive because it costs a ton to create them. The costs aren’t in paper and printing and shipping. T’re in the editorial, review, institutional approval and adoption, standardization and review, copyediting, text design and layout, file conversion proofreading, and so on and so forth. The more people share (or in print, re-sell) the higher the prices soar, because the fewer the initial sales that must carry all of these tens of thousands of dollars of cost. If a book may sell a few hundred copies total — and lots of wholesalers, retailers and others get a chunk of the sales price along the way? Then the cost per copy is astronomical. Don’t make a bad situation worse.

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Donated = stolen. Tagore, who could write as fast and furiously as he did, didn't let the commercial imperative to produce books and sell them dictate all of his activities. “I have no hesitation in saying that in India there are no writers; the writers have no country. “They have nothing to make an honest living; they have no friends; they are poor and wretched; they live in squalor and misery like the animals of the forest.” Donated = stolen. I am all in favor of books; they help you learn your world, to connect you to someone else. I am all in favor of sharing books with others, if my own personal copy of a book is “lost” from my copy locker, I don't want someone else to “steal” it from me. Furthermore, I want to share it with my teacher. Furthermore, I am all in favor of sharing books.

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