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How Do I Publish A PDF Online That Is Read Only And Is Not?

What is the Protection of sharing from MaiPDF At MaiPDF’s Share Link, the person CANNOT download your PDF, CANNOT Make a Copy / Duplicate it on their side. You can set how many times to be read, what is the length of each reading period. MaiPdf Offers the feature of tracking,you can have a overview of who has read your PDF files MaiPDF offers free DRM to the public and takes no cost.And the DRM techniques offered by MaiPDF is similar to other expensive commerical tools. People can add an extra protection layer to their PDF files to prevent them from being copying , sharing , printing or downloading. In order to make DRM-proteced file works in different situations.MaiPDF offers two way of restricting sharing. Onlien and Offline.

Read PDF Online: All You Need to Know

Online: you can view PDF files that are being shared between two computers, they can only be downloaded to a single computer.  If you are using the same computer as the client. Offline: If your printer's driver cannot read the file on your shared printer, it can not be copied to the client.  People who are using the same network as the client can view the file being shared. Maid PDF is Free, Open Source, and Free to use. And it is FREE to use Mai PDF! To protect your file, Mai PDF is licensed under GPL, it is Open Source Software, and you are allowed to share and use it under the terms of the GPL! People who pay for the Mai PDF Downloader, they get extra features for no charge. Maid PDF is the easiest way to protect both PDF documents and images from the World Wide Web.

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