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How Can I Read A PDF Online?

It's quite simple .. navigate to any website that has Online Pdf Reader documents, then click on the link or file (with the PDF icon), it should prompt you to download. Select yes or OK and the file will be downloaded into your “downloads” folder, on the C drive.

Read PDF Online: All You Need to Know

That's it, now you have an unstuck PDF Reader. You should be able to access any of your PDFs from the browser by clicking the link. Note: You do not need to do this for every document. But if you have a lot of documents to read, you might want to check if the Reader has access to all your files. Once I discovered this and then tested it with a lot of documents, I noticed that the Reader did not work for me when it had access to them. It had a hard time opening a PDF file that had been converted from word document format. So for PDF files to open in the Reader, you have to use a Word file with an extension .docx. If you don't have a PDF file with that specific extension, you can install Word or Microsoft Office and choose a document file type for.

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