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Where Can I Read The Works Of Ancient Greek Philosophers Online And?

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Where Can I Read The Works Of Ancient Greek Philosophers Online And?

Do not know specifica!ly. Start looking at Gutenberg Project. Check free book aps. Gutenberg is an on line project where volunteers post out of copywriter books. Can be fun reading old books and comparing to more recent ones. Some libraries loan ebooks?

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For those of you who have not heard about Socrates, he is the philosopher who t gave the world a lot of what we know today in all fields of science which included the concept of ethics and morals. From this point forward t here are a list of all his ideas and facts. Socrates was born in 400 B.C., when Athenians were still a democratic society that was ruled by the king. As t first generation scholar, he was very fortunate t him s father died early (by the time he was 2, or possibly earlier), thus he had a strong background of ideas t his early education, his teacher being Aristotle. At the age of 13 or 14 the sage t took part in a debate. One of t main concerns was about the relation between man and God. In the end, t made a suggestion regarding.

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