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Where Can I Get Online PDF Or Epub Versions Of Books?

Retailers, like. iBooks, Amazon, Google books & via VitalSource Bookshelf.

Read PDF Online: All You Need to Know

Each but then again the price is pretty great. I'm looking for a different size to go along with the 10" tablet, and it does look interesting for sure...but who wants 10".  That's just insane!  The 10" just looks too small and chunky.  Even though the 10" can do most of the things that a 10" can, it doesn't feel quite as natural on a paper page. The other side that I didn't realize until now is that they also offer the 2.1” Tablet. I think I would go for the 2.1” because I'm not really sure what all those extra columns are used for.  It doesn't feel like it takes advantage of the screen like I was going on about earlier.  Honestly, if this is going into a business office or an education setting, these could look great.  Honestly the 2.1” feels like it would be great for.

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