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What Do You Think Of John Boltons Tell All Book?

Like it or not? It was a brilliant move. He got to the public that Trump was doing a smear campaign against the Bidens and Yovonavitch was in the way. Just like everyone thought. I don’t buy that he couldn’t have used the CIA instead of his own hired henchmen to do this either. Of course it go leaked!

Read PDF Online: All You Need to Know

I am so confused. Lisa Page says she's writing The New York Times bestseller. What makes any of us believe her? The last I saw of Lisa Page, she was promoting her book about her run against Senator Lincoln Chafed for Rhode Island's 1st Congressional district in the 2012 election. And I have been in contact with her several times. Lisa Page is a Hillary enabler and a paid lobbyist for the Clinton Foundation. Lisa Page spent five years in the State Dept. and lobbied for the U.S. Trade Deficit (the U.S. trade deficit) and for the TPP (the trade deal she supports that is inimical to the U.S. economy, which employs millions of American workers and supports millions more in their jobs with exports of products that employ many thousands of Americans). Her first job in DC after leaving school was making the Clinton's' fortune. So I'm wondering what's.

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