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How Can I Read Authentic Mahabharat Online And In PDF Too?

I know a tiny little bit of Malayalam, and as far as I can see, the Wikisource site has a version of The Mahabharata in Malayalam. àŽ®àŽ¹àŽŸàŽ­àŽŸàŽ°àŽ€àŽ‚ àŽ®àµ‚àŽ²àŽ‚ - àŽµàŽ¿àŽ•àµàŽ•àŽ¿àŽ—àµàŽ°àŽšàµàŽ¥àŽ¶àŽŸàŽ² Wikisource is a site affiliated with Wikipedia. In Wikisource important previously published texts, the copyright for which had expired, are published in such a way that t can be easily read and easily linked from Wikipedia.

Read PDF Online: All You Need to Know

Another choice is the KM-translation by G.P. Smith. If you prefer, you can download it from Amazon. I'm not sure what is the purpose of the English version of the Bible. Maybe they are trying to promote the idea that these translations are not true translations as they are not based on the original Arabic.

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