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What is PNG?

The Portable Network Graphic is a tool for lossless image compression. The most common task for this extension is the storage of graphic information with sharp edges. You can use it to work with patterned drawings, text graphics, and individual graphic elements (logos, ornaments, and icons). The main advantage of the format is an opportunity to store and use intermediate stages of editing. This is a possibility due to the fact that the file compresses without losing quality at any point while saving.

Basic characteristics of the format.

The PNG format has 3 color channels for each pixel (RGB - red, green, blue), thus implementing a full-color image generation without distortion. PNG may be superior to JPG in color display and quality, but the file size will also be larger. The format supports different levels of transparency. It compresses images with horizontal lines perfectly, due to the specificness of its algorithm.

With this convenient solution, you can store black and white (16 bits per pixel), colored (48 bits per pixel), and indexed images using a range of 256 colors. It runs great for storing blueprints, text and character graphics in small file sizes.

File extension
Internet media type
Lossless bitmap image format
Programs that use this format
FastStone Image Viewer
Google Drive
Eye of GNOME
Microsoft Paint
Adobe Photoshop
PNG Development Group