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PDF is an abbreviation that stands for Portable Document Format. Other than the DOCX, the extension is among the most popular file types.

Key properties of PDF

Despite being almost forty years old, the format is still considered the best option of its kind. And there are reasons for that. First of all, these files can be read on any device regardless of the operating system. Though, the text is not the only content of a PDF. Images, tables, hyperlinks, and even videos can be included as well.

First of all, it has been created for reading, not editing. By preserving document formatting, files become more sharable since the way they look will remain the same for all recipients. On the other hand, if you need to make certain fields fillable (e.g. send a contract for several signees) you can use any specialized online editor. And finally, in case you want to change the whole doc including the formatting, file converters will do the work for you.

Files that contain sensitive data need to be protected and this extension provides this option. Users can create passwords for their docs quickly and easily. To create this type of file you just need to select an appropriate option from the list of formats when saving your document.

File extension
Internet media type
Portable document format
Programs that use this format
Adobe Acrobat
Utopia Documents
ISO Originally Adobe
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