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Both DOC and DOCX are associated with formats from Microsoft Office. However, not everybody pays attention to or knows the difference between the two. The second one is an updated, modernized version of the former with a number of new features that e

Advantages of DOCX

The new extension can be used for numerous things like a Curriculum Vitae, writing an invitation letter, compiling a quarterly report or writing an article. The file’s format is extremely handy since it contains text, pictures, charts of various styles and rich formatting.

Due to the XML-based version, DOCX files are smaller in size and easier to support. All documents are stored as separate ones and folders in a zip package. The enhanced structure of the document’s content makes it more accessible.

The new file extension is supported by Microsoft Word 2007 and or later versions. If you have an older version of Word, these documents can still be opened but only with the help of Open XML document support. Currently, there’s no necessity to use an outdated extension unless you need to recover certain files that were created before 2007. Anyway, it’s up to users to decide in which format to save their docs.

File extension
Internet media type
Document file format
Programs that use this format
Microsoft Word (version 2007 and later)
OpenOffice Writer
Google Docs
Microsoft Corporation
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