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CSV stands for Comma-separated values file format. This extension contains plain text and numbers arranged on a spreadsheet table. This data exchange form is widely used by businesses, scientific applications, and ordinary consumers.

Technical specifications of CSV

The most often used character in the files is a comma, less frequently a semicolon, single or double quotation marks. The concept of the format is that it exports the complex data from one app to a CSV document.

The simplicity of the format’s structure makes it very user-friendly. Such docs store tabular data in plain text while the number of fields in each line remains the same. Only the number and length of lines can make the extension complicated. Almost all database management systems, spreadsheets as well as libraries available for many programming languages support this type of file.

The files of this type have been designed to easily export information and later import into other programs. If to compare this format with Excel, the first one is faster and consumes less memory. Moreover, such files can be viewed in any text editor in Windows. The only drawback of the extension is that it cannot perform any operations with the input

File extension
Internet media type
Multi-platform, serial data streams
Programs that use this format
Microsoft Excel
Apache OpenOffice Calc
Google Drive
Apple Numbers
LibreOffice Calc