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Samantha PDF: What You Should Know

Pattern Sew, size 50 cm, 20 rows/rounds, 6 cm/ 0.8 inches of garter stitch. Pattern is written in a simple English. Size 50 cm — size of pattern (inches). Included: instructions for four sizes — Small (S = M; L = L), Middle (M = L; EX = XL; XS = XXL), Large (L = M; XL = XXL), Extra Large (XL = M; SM = XXL). The pattern is written in English. This PDF pattern has been updated to include new charts, with which you can easily make the whole garment in the pattern. This pattern does not include the detailed instructions. You should still go to the website at any time to use them. It will be included in the package, where you will also find the patterns. New patterns are updated weekly. In your cart and check out the following items: Size 50 cm — size of pattern (inches). Size 50 cm — size of pattern (inches). Pattern download — A PDF file with the patterns in English. It is required to use the patterns in the package, and to view the pattern downloads. In your cart and check out the following items: Size 50 cm — size of pattern (inches). New patterns are updated weekly. You can order different sets to fit you, your children, your pets, in whatever size you desire. The patterns are delivered on hard copy. Each set includes: 1 pattern for each size/pattern — one PDF file each size and one pattern of which every pattern set contains two files (PDF files) 1 chart for every pattern set — one PDF file per chart 2 pattern materials — one PDF files for each pattern set To learn more about the patterns from this catalog and to choose the set that is best for you, click on the link to the site: Patterns from Shop in my Shop (all of them, in all the sizes). I love this pattern, and these designs are the best I've seen! Crochet patterns in this catalog for all sizes and in all the patterns sizes, including one set for each pattern for each size. I have included some patterns for adults, kids, babies and toddlers.

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