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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to enable adobe flash player


How do I enable Adobe Flash Player in Windows 8?
A2A The question as written is too vague to answer. A proper answer requires at the very least information about what browser is being used.
How do I enable Adobe Flash Player?
Just download from the Adobe Website - it will activate when a video is present that uses the Adobe Flash Player format. It is important to point out that Adobe Flash Player is being phased out due to chronic security issues. Internet Safety Should I Still Use Adobe Flash Player? s
How do I enable the Flash in Google Chrome?
There are two ways you can enable flash player in chrome. Fix Flash Player is blocked in Google Chrome only which you will have to repeat everytime. Click the three-dot icon at the right top corner Click on settings and in the search Flash From the list click on Site settings and click on Flash Turn on the toggle button for Ask First Fix Flash Player at Administrative level( Which is Permament) Press and hold windows key with letter R In the Run box mand Regedit and Press ok Now navigate to Chrome HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPOLICIESGOOGLECHROME Right click on Chrome and add a new Key Name it PluginsAllowedForUrls After adding the new key PluginsAllowedForUrls right click on it. And add a new string Name it 1 In the right pane you will see the new string 1 Double click on the string that you named 1 and Put s* s* in Value data. Source (For More Info) FlashplayerFAQ s
How do I enable my Adobe Flash Player on Google Chrome?
It should be enabled by defult But if its not Open the three-dot menu and select Settings . Under Privacy and Security click Site Settings . Enable the setting so the label reads Ask first (rmended) .(or just enabled) ordered-list Or Go to Hit enabled under flash Or Go to flash site hit the little lock next to the address bar Hit the drop down next to flash and enable Just a few ways
Why should we enable Adobe Flash Player (or some flash) to play videos on the web?
For the most part flash is being been phased out because it so vulnerable to attack and most flash installers are phony malware. HTML 5 or has also rendered flash kinda useless since it has it own dynamic video toolset built in. Most browsers block flash sites by default. The only time I see a site that used flash based video is because it hasn been updated in 5 years. I tend to leave it off my machines and stay away from sites that ask you to install because half of them are trying to trick you into installing something malicious.