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Xodo Javascript: What You Should Know

Dodo vs. Patron vs. JAWS — Comparison Chart — Sourceforge Compare all 3 libraries with the difference between the price paid, the features, features comparison list, and the price to hire a developer. See  Dodo vs. Patron SDK — Comparison See who is the best for your needs here. If you wish to help the author or maintain it, please help by sending a line of comment.  Dodo vs. Patron SDK — Compatibility If you are looking for the best JavaScript SDK for creating 3D models, you should take a look at Dodo. We recently improved Dodo to get around the limitation in Adobe AIR with the Dodo .NET Client. This allows you to build your 3D modeling app and not have to take a step back in your code, you are all set to go! Dodo (v2) compatibility Dodo v3 features include: 1. Improved API with new methods and classes. 2. Faster download speed and easier updates. 3. New 3D model editing API for easy creation of new 3D models. 4. More API functions that take 3D models/files as parameters, e.g. 3D model loading, 3D model import, and 3D model transformation. 5. 3D model export. 6. Easier integration with third party 3D modeling software.  Dodo is compatible with 3rd party 3D modeling software, such as 3DS Max and Brush, to allow creating your own 3D modeling applications, for an even easier way to make 3D modeling more convenient and easy. The best thing is, Dodo supports both desktop and mobile application! Dodo PDF (v0.0.9 and v0.99) compatibility PDF Download and Open Source You can download as the default PDF reader of Dodo in both the Android and iOS app stores. Dodo PDF allows for reading a range of PDF files. These files are also open source, such that you can develop your own PDF reader.

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