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3d PDF Viewer: What You Should Know

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 3d pdf viewer

Instructions and Help about 3d pdf viewer

I would really like to show the 3d PDF capabilities within all team and the difference between the regular 3d PC view in the 3d PDF view so this is a 3d view which has been quite useful this is a dual FPGA card with expander ports and some external non-volatile memory so what does the PDF view look like well if you come up you do export PDF 3d and you go through the menus you will get something that looks like this and I think when you compare this view here to this view here you'll see this PDF 3d view has for the most part extreme realism and it just looks more polished than the regular 3d PC view really powerful and I think gives you a very good feel for how the Borgo looked you can click through the layers by clicking on the view you can also do things like bright lights and headlamp for example you can also do a transparent view the transparent view is really nice to really give insight into the details of the board including the layers and the V is and how things are connected on the inner layers this is a four layer board so the details with the layers is not exceedingly complex and then you can go back to solid and you can come up here and you can do things like fly then you can get home you can also do a walk you know what I find the spin as perhaps the most useful it really gives you control of the board within the 3d PDF viewer and then you can do rotate an excellent tool with an all tiem.

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