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Can you share some of your sketches (pencil works)?
So I discovered what pen art is when I came to college. I started doodling in all the boring lectures since it was the best thing I could do to be awake. It would seem to the teacher that I am making notes but actually I am satiating my creative hunger meanwhile. Here are some of my pen works. Mandala Using pilot techpoint. The Sagittarius A birthday gift for my sister since she is a proud Sagittarius. Mandala Dreamcatcher One of my drawings from the girl series The fall The season when all the leaves are falling around you. The Confluence Tried depicting the flow of flower that denotes life in waterfall which denotes the flow of time. Mindburst the caption is enough. The Inkheart Sometimes even words aren't enough to describe your sorrow. Seahorse The leo birthday gift for a special someone. Yin and Yang The Dream catcher The soulful Tiger One of my favorite because it took a while toplete it. The watch It has a great story behind it. I made it for a friend whose watch had broken. So I made this for him depicting the exact time at which his watch broke. The cool Cancerian Yet another birthday gift for my brother whose zodiac is Cancer. Another one from the girl series. Another one from the girl series The girl series This was the final piece for the girl series save the girl child. Edit Thank you for appreciating these. It means the world to me. As requested by Arathi I am adding a few more from my girl series. The confident bob The bloom Freedom!
What are your worst experiences in a movie theatre?
Ok honey I will go with you. I finally gave in when my boyfriend spent all week talking to me about this zombie movie that was supposed to be the king of all zombie movies. For the most part we have similar taste in movies but I must admit we go in different ways when ites to zombies. Still love. As a couple what can you do? Sometimes you have to give in and see films that you don't like. I thought I'd be a good sport. So I went to see World War Z. Excitedly he brought in the popcorn and drinks. It was one of those times when you walk in the theater and nearly every seat was filled. Apparently he wasn't the only zombie lover on the planet! Much to my dismay we ended up near the front of the theater. Even though I am a filmmaker myself I have this weird condition that causes me to get sea sick and dizzy when I watch a movie too close to the screen. The movement of the cameras begin to make me nauseous. I have had this condition ever since I saw the film Babel. The camera work has this effect of spinning your head out of control. I knew I was in for trouble as soon as we sat down. Screw it I thought. I'm just going to have to deal with this. Do it for him was my good old girl scout mentality. I didn't last. After about 2 minutes of sensory overload I nearly threw up. The sound on that film was so bloody loud and the cameras were moving so fast. Even with my head down I developed a massive headache and became disoriented. A few minutes later I was lying horizontally in the driver's seat of my car. It was a hot summer day and I had to crank the air conditioning while I left my love in the theater alone to watch zombies. I stayed in the car for about a half an hour while the nausea passed then wobbled back into the theater for more zombie hell. I got back in and my boyfriend was trying to fill me in on what I had missed (as if I really cared at this point!). We watched the rest of the film and I put it behind me. Until the other day. Honey he said I've downloaded World War Z on my laptop we can watch it in bed! Ugh was all I said.
What are going to be some interesting UI design trends in 2020?
he rapid growth of technology influences design trends every year. As designers we need be aware of the existing and uing design trends constantly learning improving and expanding our design toolkit in order to be up to date on the current market ui online training italic . Based on my research experience and observations Ive selected very carefully 8 UI design trends that you should watch in 22. Animated Illustrations Illustrations have been in digital product design for a long time. Their evolution in the last years is very impressive. Illustrations as very popular design elements add natural feel and human touch to overall UX of our products. Illustrations are also very strong attention grabbers at the top of that by applying motion to these illustrations we might bring our products to the life and make them stand out adding extra details and personality. Microinteractions Micro interactions exist pretty much in every single app or website. You see them every time when youre opening your favourite app for instance Facebook has tons of different micro interactions and I assume that the Like feature is just the perfect example. Sometimes we are not even aware of existence because they are so so obvious natural and blended into user interfaces. Altough If you remove them from your product you will notice very quickly that something really important is missing. 3D Graphics in web and mobile interfaces 3D graphic exist pretty much everywhere in movies video games adverts on the streets. 3D graphic has been introduced few decades ago and since then has improved and evolved dramatically. Mobile and web technology is also growing rapidly fast. New web browser capabilities have opened the door for 3D graphic allowing us as designers to create and implement amazing 3D graphics into modern web and mobile interfaces.
Is it possible to have a 3D printer print soft materials and fabrics?
Currently there is not a of 3D printer that is able to fabricate a model using fabric such as cloth or silk. In terms of soft materials there are not really any materials that are as soft as fabric. I assume this question is referring to various garments that have been 3D printed. 3D Printed Garments Believe or not but all 3D printed clothes arepleted made of plastic. The way the clothes is designed is in tiny parts. Each part is in a way that allows it to flow like a fabric. It looks something like this Part of larger fabrics that can be worn Underside of fabric above and the connections between the fabrics As you can imagine these s of clothes are not particularfortable and people are working on materials to that are soft and minimize the difort while wearing these garments. The pictures above are printed in generic plastic (to be specific Poly-lactic Acid PLA). However there are other materials that are somewhat soft. Like other answers mentioned some of these materials include TPU (NingaFlex is of TPU) and nylon (although nylon is used in fabrics the 3D printing nylon is different). As of now it is not possible to print generic clothes however efforts are being made to make that possible. See Dane Vincent answer. answer aid 21785475 Photo credit Devon Montes from Make Anything s on Youtube