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Hoops Communicator: What You Should Know

HOOPS Social Networking (The HOOPS Community) : Join others in connecting with your coworkers by building 3d models using HOOPS Communicator 3D. A 3D printing community Technical Stack: HOOPS Web Platform Overview, Software and Components The HOOPS platform provides a suite of tools to empower engineers of all skill levels. It provides the following components: • 3D model viewer and 3D modelling tool • HOOPS Communication and Integration Framework, • Technical platform for 3D model building • HOOPS Product and Marketplace,  • Communication network • Online marketplace Products: HOOPS Product overview, HOOPS Communicator, HOOPS Communication and Integration Framework,  Platforms, technologies, infrastructure, and services to support 3D engineering and 3D visualization on the web. HOOPS Product overview, HOOPS Communicator,   Products, platforms, technologies, infrastructure, and services to support 3D engineering and 3D visualization on the web. HOOPS Product overview, HOOPS Communicator,  3D Web Application development, 3D Model Viewer & Collaborative Platform The 3D Web Application ecosystem consists of a vibrant development community, which has created an enabling environment for engineers of all skill levels to create, consume, share and develop 3D software on the web with a 3D visualisation interface. The ecosystem includes several leading players such as: Tech soft 3D, HOOP, 3D Studio Max and Blender. The following image is a visual representation of 3D web application ecosystem. Technical Stack, Hardware, Software & Components HOOPS is an open source, industry-standard 3D modeling & visualization software. HOOPS provides advanced modeling, visualization and animation capabilities to enable engineers of all skill levels to build 3D content in web browsers. Technical Stack, Hardware, Software, Components HOOPS Communicator is a high-performance, open-source, and community-driven 3D communication software. In this post, I will walk through the process of building a prototype application which utilizes the new Web Viewer for 3D. 1. Technical Stack A basic understanding of 3D design can be acquired in less than 3 minutes on this tutorial video, available at Techsoft3D. 2. Hardware The 3D visualisation components and tools required to build a new application will be built using the hardware in your home office.

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