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It was a guys do here in this video we're going to build a custom markdown and previewer with HTML and JavaScript basically the idea behind it is why not create a tight feedback loop where you can type in some HTML right here and you will see it show up right here just like India has been so let me get started and we will create a new directory we'll just call it markdown viewer change directory inside of there and we'll open up a sublime text cool I want to go ahead and touch a index dot HTML file and I'm also going to touch a script dot J's file or just we'll just do index dot yes cool and what I'd like to do is open this up I want to open it with its chrome cool so that's what we're gonna look at so now let's get to the meat and bones of this build out a little skeleton here just to know if I will say the markdown reviewer yeah that's gonna be pretty bare-bones well add a little bit of CSS when they just do style's don't success cool and let's go ahead and put in on her style sheet style is not CSS and we also looked in the index top jazz script index up Jess and I want to write a little bit of code in here so I'm just going to say window dot onload and all I want to do inside of here is just make sure you've loaded okay cool so let's make sure this works let me inspect this real quick almost loaded cool so now we can execute our code in here and alright so I'm gonna build out two containers this will be the container or rather the HTML container inside here we're gonna have a text area okay and here we are going to have a div with a class of results right so let's look at this and we should have anything about a text area so let me go to here a rule for HTML container it's gonna have it with 400 pixels height of 600 pixels a border of 2 pixels all right it looks all right okay cool and we grab my text area so I'll say wit % resize is done that looks good we'll do overflow:hidden mr. cool and give this a like that one as well I'm sorry not I mean on the text area under sign there we go that's filling up that whole area and I'll just put a very simple h1 here basically just saying gene so sorry just you know and results would be very similar thing let me change this out here we'll do make it 250 instead let's do 3 under okay so we've got 300 right there and next thing that I would like to do I'd also want to create a button and you can do this.