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What are your favorite web browser extensions and what makes them useful?
11 Useful Chrome Extension for Developers & Programmers Google wide-spread influence on web services has made Chrome easier and most used browser for web development. The sheer number of chrome extensions available has made it a handy tool for web designers and developers. So here we are enlisting the best chrome extensions for programmers and developers in pursuance of productive and successful web development. 1. Daily s Every single day new and updated development technologies are being released across the web. For developers staying updated is a huge hassle. Daily was made by developers for developers to help us focus on code instead of constantly search for news around the web. 2. Free Programming Courses s Quick Code for Chrome is an extension that serves free online programming courses in new tab of the browser everyday. With this extension you can get updates on free online courses related to ub7 Various programming languages ub7 Web development ub7 Front end development ub7 Mobile apps developments ub7 Blockchain ub7 Machine learning ub7 Database ub7 Data science 3. LambdaTest Chrome Extension s LambdaTest s Screenshot Chrome Extension can be used to take full page screenshots of webpages across different desktop and mobile browsers right from your browser with one click. These screenshots will help in fastracking cross browserpatibility testing of the web pages and websites. 4. Site Palette s Site Palette is a free Chrome extension that generates palettes based on a webpage colours. With this extension ub7 Several palette generators supported ub7 Shareable s created ub7 Preview palette image available for download ub7 Download auto-generated sketch template ub7 Adobe swatch support added ub7 Play with the palettes at Coolors ub7 Fine-tune the palettes at google art palette ub7 Print styles added print out or save palettes to PDF A browser extension to generateprehensive palettes. A must-have tool for designers and frontend developers. Free colour scheme extraction. 5. Devo s GitHub Trending Hacker News and Product Hunt on every new tab! Devo is a new tab extension for Chrome and Firefox that displays GitHub Trending Hacker News and Product Hunt front pages on every new tab no-login required. Devo is apletely open-source project and developed on GitHub. 6. Multi-browser Screenshots s Multi-browser Screenshots is a free Chrome extension that lets you check how a site renders across manymon browsers ub7 Edge ub7 Internet Explorer 11 ub7 Chrome 5 ub7 Firefox 45 ub7 Safari 9.1 (OS X El Capitan) ub7 Google Nexus 6 (Android 5.) ub7 Google Nexus 9 (Android 5.) ub7 iPad Air (iOS 8.3) ub7 iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 8.3) 7. MetaMask s MetaMask is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It allows you to run Ethereum Apps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node. MetaMask includes a secure identity vault providing a user interface to manage your identities on different sites and sign blockchain transactions. 8. Chrome Extension s Modify any website in real-time lets anybody modify save & share any website in real time without having access to the source code of the website. Use Chrome Developer Tools to edit any HTML CSS or JS code in the web page or add your own. Save and get a unique URL to the modified version. Modify any website in real-time es in the form of a free browser extension. 9. Githunt s Replace the new tab with a list of trending repositories on github belonging to any technology that you chose. GitHunt is an extension that replaces the new tab of your browser with the trending github repositories. You can look through the repositories for any technology of your liking and for any period of time. By default it shows the trending repositories (most starred repositories created in the given period of time) for the last week and as you keep scrolling you will be presented with the popular repositories of the consecutive past weeks. All you have to do is select how you would like to see the repositories (monthly weekly or yearly) and the language it will remember your choice and will show you the trending repositories in that category whenever you will open the new tab. 1. SVG-grabber s A tool to quickly preview and get all the svg assets from a website. Quickly preview and copy or download all the SVG assets from a website. SVG-grabber lets you preview download and copy the code all SVG icons and illustrations in a website. It is an open source tool created by Jaques Bouman and Juan Rios at NGTI in Rotterdam The Netherlands. Available for download forking on Github. 11. Github-plus s Display repo size size of each file download and option to copy file contents. Extension that provides useful features on top of GitHub website. Features of this extension are ub7 Displays repo size. ub7 Displays each file size in every active branch ub7 Show download for each individual file ub7 Copy file contents directly to clipboard ub7 Download file while viewing it contents. Original Source - ProtoType s
Can I download files in Google Drive from the option setting "view only"?
I think I just found the answer today and I thought Ill just share it with you all. All you need to do is copy the below and just follow the steps copy this to a new tab s s paste the copied alpha-numeric string from the video in between the = and the & of the first URL. Like this s s Note This is only for educational purpose only and may not work in all the cases due to limited number of testing. This will only work with google drive s. Thank you. Hope this helps. If you liked it please give this answer an Up vote.
How can we track a location from a Gmail email address?
First off if someone sends an email from Gmail to you using a web client the only IP address you can get from mail headers is a Google server. Not the web client IP address. Sort of pointless. Let say you discover an IP address that you believe is not a Google server that originated the email. What does that get you? Well you likely have an IP address which is owned by the ISP and any location you might get from this would be where the ISP is not their customer. How can you get the address of the customer? Basically you cannot. You would need to obtain the internal IP address of the customer from the ISP - they have logs which will tell them this. Then you need the account information for that account. You can get that without a court order demanding information from the ISP. Let say you receive an email that says On Tuesday at 1 AM I am going to kill you. The email goes on to specify where this will take place and how you can do nothing to stop it. You have a credible threat (maybe) and the police would certainly be interested in hearing about this. If you are killed on Tuesday this would be used as evidence in tracking down your killer. Before Tuesday you have a threat and the police don really do threats just lawbreaking. There is no law against threatening someone although you can probably sue them in civil court. How about someone threatening to showpromising pictures to your spouse or co-workers. Might be interesting - but the time it is going to take to try to get information about who sent this email will likely reveal that it is a hoax trying to get you to send money immediately without thinking much about it. Could you track them down with the right legal assistance? Probably. Many people think they are immune from being found only to have a process server knocking on their door. The problem is it takes time effort and money to get the wheels rolling on such an effort to track someone down. Can you just plug in an IP address and get an arrow pointing to their current location? No. Anyone telling you different is lying to you to get you to pay them money for something they cannot deliver.
Why has Quora restricted the images from being saved?
Take this s 22 22 without breaking a sweat.
What are some good computer tricks that are not commonly known?
Collection of Best Computer Tricks and Hacks for your Window PC. With theseputer tricks and tips you can learn more about your window PC. Learn theseputer tricks and impress your friends with these window. ud83dudee Lock and unlock yourputer with a Pendrive Hacker Style aa Download Predator USB software from itsOfficial Website for 9 days trial. aa Install and Launch this software in your window PC. aa When you launch this software first this software asks you to set the password. aa Set your password and click on Ok button. (Make sure your Pendrive is connected to your PC.) aa Now this software is ready for locking yourputer from Pendrive. aa Open Predator Settings Here you set time interval according to your default time interval is 3 seconds . If you remove Pendrive from yourputer youputer will be locked in 3 seconds. When you remove Pendrive from yourputer your puter asks you enter your password with the warning. If you do not enter the correct password youputer screen goes black with access denied message. ud83dudee Shutting Down Your Window Computer from 4 Amazing Ways Using the Start Menu. aaThis is one of the simplest methods of shutting down Window PC Press Start button to show option. aa You can directly shut down your window PC from pressing Alt + F4 button. Press ALt+F4 and select Shutdown. Now you just need to click on the Ok button for shutdown your PC. This method works in all versions of Windows aa Shutdown Window PC from Run Command Open Run program from pressing Win + R keyboard button. Type shutdown and press enter for shut down your window machine. from program Open Run program from pressing Win + R keyboard button and now press enter. aa Shutdown from Win+X in Window 1 This method only works in Window 1. Press Win + X keyboard shortcut button and select Shut downbutton for shutting down your Window 1. italic ud83dudee Lock Your Computer If you get up Sick of your friends going onto yourputer at work or home and posting things on your Facebook page on your behalf? It's certainly an annoyance but an easy one to prevent. aa Windows + L will lock your system right away requiring a password (if you've set one) to log in again. aa On macOS use Cmd + Option + Power to log off . On the latest revision of macOS (High Sierra) a quicker option to simply lock the screen was added which works using the shortcut Cmd + Ctrl + Q. ud83dudee Some of our favorite PC pranks Fake Desktop ud83dude2 aa Take a screenshot of someone's desktop shortcuts and all. Set it as the wallpaper and then remove the existing shortcuts and hide the menu bar. When the person on the receiving end of the prank gets back to theputer they'll be clicking at nothing in frustration. Invert Colors aa Another quick-and-dirty scheme inverting the colors enables an accessibility feature few people know about. Enabling aputer's high-contrast mode shows white or yellow on a black background in programs and on the desktop. Make sure you install a high-contrast theme in Chrome as well if your victim uses Google's browser. On Windows use the shortcut Shift + Alt + Print Screen to activate it. On Mac go to System Preferences Accessibility Display Invert colors ud83dudee Change Window 7 and Window 1 Password Without Knowing old Password from Command Prompt aa Click on Window Start menu and cmd in the search box . Then select cmd and Run as Administrator . aa After that mand in cmd. Now you can replace Prophet with your username and 123456 with your new password . aa Now your password has been successfully changed without knowing old password. You troll your friends with these tricks. ud83dudee Get Back That Tab You Accidentally Closed. aa If you want to get back a tab you closed just press Control (or Command on Mac) plus Shift plus T and it will magically reappear. ud83dudee How to Perfectly Hide IP Address in PC You can hide your IP address in all versions of windows like window 7 window 8 and Window 1. For PC you get lots of software and tricks for hiding your IP Address. ProXPN is free VPN software available for all windows versions. But first you need to register yourself in ProXPN website. ud83dudee Rotate Your Screen. This trick usually freaks people out. It is an amazing trick that I like doing. You can use it to turn your screen upside down. aa Hold Ctrl + Alt + the arrow keys Use it to freak you friends out. ud83dudee How to Rename a File Quickly Most people rename a file by right clicking and selecting rename. That is a bit slow. aa Just select the file and press F2. ud83dudee Close The Current Program aa Typing Alt + F4 will close the program that is running. This is useful as it saves you time mousing over the X and clicking. People will often use this as a joke telling you to press Alt + F4 to fix a problem. ud83dudee Open the task manager directly aa If you want to bypass the interrupt that happens when pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and jump right to the task manager hitting Ctrl + Shift + Esc will launch it directly. ud83dudee Minimize all windows aa Sometimes you have a bunch of stuff running and you want it all to go away so you can get to the desktop. Simply pressing Windows key + D will minimize everything you have up which will save you some time pressing the minimize button for each window ud83dudee Close the current window Stick of moving all the way to that X button? Press Ctrl + W and the current window will close ud83dudee Scroll through pages with the spacebar Tapping the spacebar on a website will scroll down in full page chunks and hitting shift + space will take you back up. ud83dudee Pause YouTube with one click or skip backward and forward 1 seconds. aa If you press K this will play (or pause) the video every time. aa Hitting the J key will cause you to go backward 1 seconds while hitting the L key will make you go forward 1 seconds . ud83dudee Clear You Cache in Seconds. aa Quickly clear your cache by pressing Control plus Shift plus R. This will also refresh your page. ud83dudee Lock Your Computer in Seconds aa On a Windows machine hit Windows plus L to lock yourputer. This can be fun for pranks. aa On a Mac click Command plus Option plus Eject. (Or Power if yourputer doesn't have an optical drive.) Using these tips and tricks on a daily basis will most certainly make your time on theputer more enjoyable or at least more practical. italic So did you learn something that you didn't know before If italic Yes then Upvote & Share italic ud83dude4f
What are some great browser shortcuts?
Some of the ones I use in Google Chrome on Windows Ctrl + F5 - Reload ignoring the cached contentnCtrl + D - Saves current page as bookmark add Shift for saving all current tabsnCtrl + E - Search using your default search engine quickly in the omniboxnCtrl + O - Open FilenCtrl + H - Open the history pagenCtrl + J - Open the downloads pagenCtrl + N - New WindownCtrl + T - New TabnCtrl + U - View source of current page in new tabnCtrl + W - Close tabnCtrl + Shift + T - Reopen last closed tabnCtrl + R - Reload tabnCtrl + Shift + J - Open the Javascript consolenCtrl + Shift + N - Open New Window in Incognito modenCtrl + Shift + V - Paste content without click a - opens a new tab in backgroundnCtrl + Shift + B - Toggle the bookmark barnAlt + E - Open the Wrench menu
Is there a way to extract Facebook subtitles from a Video?
Even I wanted to know how to download a subtitle file from Facebook so I clicked on this question only to discover that I need to solve this by myself! And guess what I just did it! ;) STEPS Just open the Network tab in Inspect Element Search for srt (without quotes) in the Filter box above Right click on the file and select Copy address ordered-list 6. Open the in new tab 7. And there you go you can copy-paste the content and convert it into a SRT File using a editor like Notepad! And that all the info you need! Thanks for reading! )