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Hey guys welcome back to another video on my channel and in this video I'm going to show you how you can create PDF documents inside a node.js application and then subsequently send them as a downloadable attachment in the client browser so for this purpose I'm going to use a quote library which is called as PDF make and this quote library can be used both in the browser and also in the server in the browser it can be used by including the reference of the script in the HTML file and in the server it can be used in the node.js application in one of two ways so I'm going to show you how we can use it and how I have used it so before that there is a link on this website which is kind of you know sandbox page which will allow you to experiment with different syntaxes which can be used to create different kinds of PDF documents you can style your paragraphs and texts in different ten different type types you can create columns you can create tables and lists and all that so I mean just take a look at this page so that you will know how to create different kinds of stuff as per your requirement and then this library is also hosted on github and there are a couple of areas which you can look at there are examples which you can look at and then there is this documentation which is provided so I haven't looked everything and I just looked at the basic stuff which I needed to use to create a PDF document on in the node.js application so what I have done is to use this library in the in the node app is I have downloaded the files which are in this bill folder and I have created a folder in the in the application folder and I have copied them over here so the reason why I have done that and why I am not using the standard way to use any module in node.js application that is to use the node package manager to first download the dependency and then use it is because the the require PDF make method is kind of buggy I mean I try to use it but it but the but the way in which the code the code turns out is not very clean and I figure out that if we simply download it if we simply download the stores files and then if we use them directly like we true in the in the client browser then also the the code works just fine so and the code is also very clean it's pretty easy to understand so yeah let's just move to the example so I'm using Visual Studio core for this for creating the example and first let's just initialize the application with all the default things and we.