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Jquery PDF Viewer Popup: What You Should Know

In order to create a document, click the “+ New Document” button on the top toolbar of your browser. A popup window appears containing an image box, a text box and a button for saving the document to one's local computer, if one wants. The popup window will close when the user closes your web browser. Zippier's jQuery Plugin That Displays, Allows Printing or Downloading Web PDF Files To My Computer — zippier This is my second jQuery plugin for displaying, allowing or downloading a file (and more) via zip file on the fly. I hope that all of them worked out fine, and you would like to try them, but you don't have to anymore. Just download the latest versions of them below. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to write them in the comment section below. All the source code of the plugins is available in my GitHub account. JavaScript Library : jQuery PDF Viewer (download): jqpdfviewer (upload):, Jqpdfviewer (web version): git://

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