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Download Embedded PDF Chrome Extension: What You Should Know

How to use a Google Chrome extension called PPD to download embedded PDFs offline [Windows] How to use a Google Chrome extension called PPD to download embedded PDFs offline [Mac OS X] How to use a Google Chrome extension called PPD to download embedded PDFs offline [Linux] How to save an embedded PDF in a browser in PDF Viewer mode using POPE (PDF Downloader and Extractor) How to use a Google Chrome extension called PPD to download embedded PDFs offline • [Windows] • [Mac OS X] How to save a PDF that's embedded in a website using Google Chrome's PDF Downloader & Extractor.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing download embedded pdf chrome extension


Is there any Selenium grid available on cloud to perform testing on different browsers?
Cross-browser testing is one of the essentialponents to run a web application consistently on multiple browsers. It is a testing technique that allows you to check the web application functionality and other dependencies across various browsers over the internet. Now you must be thinking is it really necessary to perform cross-browser testing s for a web application. Well as you might know that there are a variety of web browsers available in the market and end-users use different browsers to visit a web application according to their convenience. Hence it is necessary that the web application or website works on all the browsers effectively. A web app often has multiple client-sideponents like Flex JavaScript Flash Applets and many more. All of theseponents can behave differently across different web browsers according to their rendering engines. Cross-browser testing ensures that your web app works unfailingly across all browsers withoutpromising with its quality. It allows developers and testers to identify whether the rendition or appearance of web pages in different browsers and devices is same or not. How Cross-Browser Testing Is Performed? There are generally two approaches available to perform cross-browser testing manual and automated. Let have a clear look at both these approaches. Manual Cross-Browser Testing The manual approach involves using multiple machines multiple operating systems various browsers and running the same test cases on different browsers again and again. In the manual method developers and testers first identify the browsers that they want the application to support properly. Then they re-run same test cases across different browsers to observe the behavior of web application and find any bugs in it. With the manual approach it not easy to perform cross-browser testing across every browser because it requires a considerable amount of time. Also there is no guarantee that the application can be tested on major browser versions with manual technique. The major challenge here is to cover all the browsers and devices on which you want your website or web application to be tested upon. However with the help of a proper cross-browser testing strategy and by selecting the best cross-browser testing tool you can cover the maximum browsers. Even the challenge that this is a bit time consuming still stands. Well automating cross-browser testinges to help here. Automated Cross-Browser Testing Automated testing is almost similar to manual testing; it also involves running the same test cases multiple times across various browsers. However the only difference is that it uses an automation tool to make the overall cross-browser testing process more manageable. In automation testing testers write test scripts on their own and use suitable software to test web application. It increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the cross-browser testing process. In short automated cross-browser testing is less challenging less time-consuming and less expensive. However the most challenging thing in automated cross-browser testing is choosing the right automation tool that meets all your basic requirements. There are plenty of tools available in the market like TestComplete Ranorex SoapUI and many more. Some of these tools are expensive while others have aplicated testing process. However Selenium is considered to be the best testing frameworks for automation testing as it supports almost every programming language. Also it not a single tool it consists of four major tools 3 Selenium IDE RC WebDriver and Selenium Grid. I argue that out of these four tools Selenium Grid is the best tool to choose from s . Selenium Grid allows you to run tests on different machines against different browsers and browser versions in parallel. But the major challenge here is installing and maintaining these browsers in your local system. However if you have a version of a browser already installed it bes really difficult to test on other versions of the same browser (higher or lower). In this case an online Selenium Grid will help. LambdaTest s is one such online Selenium Grid which provides all the browsers and operating systems in the cloud. Hence there is no need to download or install browsers in your local system. With LambdaTest selenium grid you can test for cross-browserpatibility in the browser on the cloud. Let have a more detailed look into LambdaTest and how it can help you! What Is LambdaTest? LambdaTest is a cloud-based cross-browser testing tool that allows you to perform cross-browser testing for web applications across more than 2 browsers operating systems and devices. You can perform both manual and automated cross-browser testing using LambdaTest. For example you can test your web application across the most recognized web browsers such as Chrome Safari Firefox Edge Internet Explorer Opera and Yandex. It is a scalable testing platform that will assist your team by bringing your software assessment needs to the cloud infrastructure. By performing real-time cross-browserpatibility testing using LambdaTest you can ensure that your web application or website ispatible with almost every browser and device available in the market. It enables organizations to test their web application for responsiveness and take full screenshots while performing the testing. Features of LambdaTest LambdaTest is with some great features that make it stand out from other cross-browser testing tools. Here we have mentioned some of the extensive features of this tool. Online Browser Compatibility Testing With LambdaTest you can perform live cross-browserpatibility testing across multiple browsers browser versions operating systems and resolution. Apart from live testing it also provides screen recording and screenshot facility which means you can record the real-time browserpatibility testing with LambdaTest. Testing across Latest Desktop Browsers There is a huge list of browsers on both Windows and Mac operating system. LambdaTest provides access for testing your web application even on latest desktop browsers such as Google Chrome Internet Explorer Edge Mozilla Firefox Safari Opera and many more. It also supports the latest versions of operating systems like Windows Mac Android iOS etc. Test Responsiveness on all Screen Sizes You can test the responsiveness of your web application across various screen sizes with just a single click. Also you can test the responsiveness of locally hosted websites with LambdaTest Secure Shell tunnel . Continuous Collaboration during Testing It often happens with testers that they are unable to collaborate with their team members while performing cross-browser testing. But being a cloud-based testing tool LambdaTest allows you to log issues during web application testing and share the issues via slack email or you can directly log it in different tracking tools. LambdaTest provides integrations with almost 13 bug management tools as of now. Chrome Extension LambdaTest also provides a Chrome Extension which enables testers to take full page screenshots of the web pages on multiple desktops and mobile browsers with just one click. These screenshots help in fast-tracking cross browserpatibility testing of web pages and web applications. Visual Testing Developers often face problems while solving issues related to icon size layout padding element position etc. Using LambdaTest you can easily analyze the visual appeal of your web application. Visual testing involves checking the responsiveness of different screen sizes withoutpromising with the quality of website appearance. Also it allows you to perform an automated visual regression testing to ensure that the web page layouts are perfect and identify any bugs that can affect the website performance. Inbuilt Issue Tracker With LambdaTest you don have to buy a third-party management tool to detect bugs in web applications. The inbuilt issue tracker of LambdaTest tool allows you to manage the identified bugs efficiently. The bugs can easily be managed from the LambdaTest Console. The inbuilt issue tracker provides full control over bugs such as assignment tracking exporting to PDF or sharing with other users. Also it is very flexible and easy to use. 24ud77 Support Continuous support from tech experts is one thing that every user look for. LambdaTest provides 24ud77 support to its customers for any queries related to the tool as well as cross browser testing. The advanced features of LambdaTest make it easier for testers and developers to perform cross browser testing for web applications. How LambdaTest Can Help You Test More Browsers? Currently there are only a few browsers like Chrome Firefox IE and Safari that holds the maximum percentage of browser usage share in the market. But there are many other browsers available in the market for different devices like desktop mobile tablets and operating systems like Android Mac iOS and Windows. A user can access your website on any browser any operating system or any device. So it necessary to perform cross-browserpatibility testing across almost every device OS and browser. With LambdaTest you can perform cross browserpatibility testing on almost every browser device and OS. It is a cloud based online selenium grid s that allows you to perform cross browserpatibility testing across more than 2 browsers OS and devices some of which includes Windows XP and Windows 1 including every version of Chrome Firefox Safari Edge Internet Explorer and Opera browsers. Mac Mojave Sierra Capitan and Lion including every version of Chrome Firefox Opera and Safari browsers. Multiple Android devices like Samsung Google LG One Plus Vivo HTC Oppo Gionee Huawei Xiaomi Amazon Motorola and many more. It provides support across various iOS devices like iPhone and iPad including their latest and earlier variants. Apart from these features and benefits it also allows you to debug your web applications for both mobile and desktop devices. With cross-browserpatibility s@sarahelson81 testing LambdaTest also offers debugging tools for any browser and browser version that is required.
What makes one web browser faster than another?
I will try exing this in a way both tech technically inclined people can understand. I am also using the current Quora page as an example. Assuming all other factors (platform band processing power disk speeds memory and the page being viewed) to be equal(they should be for fairparison) the factors that determine the browsers speed in terms of what is perceived by the user are 1. The Layout engine engine nEach browser has a layout engine under the hood. For example the different browser engines used in browsers aren WebKit Chrome and Safari Gecko Firefox Trident IE Presto Operan The layout engine is what decides when what part and how HTML tags s 436 1152 master_ s zoomable s SVG files and visual elements are handled. For example IE has limited SVG support while Opera has the best support for interactive SVGs. The apparent differences in HTML5 support are also handled by this part of the browser. That is the reason this same HTML above shows up differently in older browsers like IE8. All the engines listed above are written in C++.n n 2. The JavaScript engine nEvery browser has a JavaScript engine which handles how the user interacts with the visual elements. For example the different JavaScript engines used by browsers are n V8 Chrome SpiderMonkey Firefox NitroSafari Carakan Opera Chakra IE9n The Java script engine processes how a user interacts with the page (everything happening in the background process). It executes all the JavaScript that tags along in the page.n A JavaScript engine affects speeds because n When the user interacts with the page (e.g. presses a button s some in the search bar etc.) the JavaScript engine processes the request and fills the search information back into the box. All AJAX calls jQuery DOM manipulation etc done in programs are also handled by this part of the browser.n The way the JavaScript is handled by each of these engines is different. Due to the javascriptpiler and handling of JSON data. Hence the difference in speed. For example Apple reserves the Nitro javascript engine for Safari alone and other developers are forced to use a different slower engine. This is the reason why Safari will always be the fastest browser in iOS. Some engines like V8 have some critical parts written in assembly and non critical parts in C++. All the other engines are written in C++n n 3. Cachingpression in the cloud nIn scenarios where band is limited the two factors listed above be less important. This is a game changer that makes the other two factors listed above kind of irrelevant (the code to be fetched is slower so they are in wait for the processing to start) up to a certain level. This technology was introduced by Opera - Opera Turbo.n Caching affects speeds because n The page is fetched by a serverpressed in terms of quality and so on to save data transfer. n 4. Local Caching nBrowsers also cache some of the content like scripts frequently accessed pages etc for later use. This leads to faster load times as the content is fetched from the disk instead of over an internet medium. This is the reason go is faster than reload by Kevin Ernest Long user 1427783 5. Plugin management nA typical user opens pages containing RIA (rich internet applications such as Flash Silverlight Java FX Quicktime etc) which handle video audio games etc in the browser. The way that these plugins are handled by the browser window and how it interacts with it are different. Chrome has built in Flash PDF support. The other browsers handle this differently. For example I am currently using Firefox. The process associated with firefox are Plugin management affects speeds because n Not to a large extent but the sluggishness that results when too many of these applications are opened is because of poor plugin management.n n 6. Memory management nEach tab is also to be given equal priority script execution and everything else mentioned above. The memory address of these has to be kept separate so that security breaches do not occur and one tab crashing does not case the browser to crash.n Firefox has 4+ tabs yet runs as a single process with as many threads. IE and Chrome open a separate process for each new tab. This affects the speed of tabs stability and the overall experience for the user.
Which mind-mapping software allows you to include file attachments in the nodes?
Well I tried topile what I knew about this and I've tried a few just playing around on my PC and android. I haven't tried them all but I came up with a good list of them for you and I hope it helps for what you are looking for. Good luck. I have a list of 24 mind mapping tools to help you organize summarize and visualize information with both free and paid versions available to suit any budget or requirement. The tools mentioned are either browser- or desktop-based with a selection of mind mapping mobile apps at the end of the article for use on iOS and Android devices. 1. Mindmeister MindMeister was built to facilitate collaboration for mind mapping and brainstorming with an intuitive easy-to-use interface. You can collaborate in real time discuss changes over live chat exchange ideas and even view the change history of a mind map. You can access projects via mobile devices as well as online and offline safe in the knowledge that your data is stored securely with data encryption and daily monitoring. Since MindMeister is cloud-based there is no need to install any software or worry about upgrades. 2. iMindMap iMindMap is designed to be visually stimulating with curved branches bright colors and sharp s onto your diagrams view the change history to keep track of edits and customize the colors within each project. You can export your projects in PDF or PNG format create private s or share publicly on social media and add clickable s. Coggle supports Markdown and also works seamlessly on mobile devices. 6. Freemind Freemind is an open source mind mapping tool built in Java and is available for Windows Mac and Linux. It has a wide variety of features including location-based mind mapping collaboration tools restore session support and more. It can be used to keep track of projects as a knowledge base and as a powerful mind mapping tool forplex diagrams with numerous branches including s and multimedia. You can export your map as HTML PDF OpenDocument SVG or PNG. 7. Text2MindMap Text2MindMaps is a useful way of organizing your thoughts using a simple online tool. It's easy to use just some into the area use the tab key to lines and click the Draw Mind Map button to see it evolve. Each line of is a separate node in the mind map and there are options to style the map to suit your requirements. It features a number of keyboard shortcuts and each map can be downloaded as a PDF or s and draw on your canvas. For those working in teams Popplet allows multiple devices to connect to the same project. You can create Popplet presentations use high-resolution . You can even manipulate the fonts and positions within each node add file formats. Wisemapping also features an dable mind map viewer for use on other websites or blogs. 16. MindManager MindManager is a powerful mind mapping tool that lets you organize your ideas in a single view where you can easily drag and drop to gather and prioritize your ideas. Adding or hyper. Mind maps are password protectable and you can make full use of the drag and drop functionality search publishing and sharing options available. 18. The Brain The Brain aims to be the ultimate in digital memory and is available for Windows OS X and Linux. It's more than a mind mapping application in that it allows you to visualize all of your tasks ideas projects documents and notes in one convenient place. You can store an unlimited amount of information which is available on both the desktop and mobile devices using a simple drag and drop interface. The Brain focuses on helping you build meaningful and dynamic connections that give you a greater insight into whatever idea or project you're working on. 19. LucidChart s LucidChart is a powerful diagramming application that helps you quickly capture and organize ideas during a brainstorming session into a single useful mind map. It features a suite of tools including real-time collaboration built-in Google s and style your with various sizing and color options. 22. MindApp MindApp is a mind mapping tool available in-browser or as a Windows desktop app. It features a drag and drop interface keyboard shortcuts children's options and map and formatting. You can save mind maps online in your free personal account or as images on your desktop which can be used in other applications. The map can be styled to suit your tastes and includes shapes lines alignment size color borders and background options. 23. CoMapping CoMapping is an online mind mapping application to take notes plan organize and share information with multiple people able to work collaboratively on the same map. The visual interface allows for the drag and drop of topics for quick reorganization while the app also enables you to work offline and provides a place for private non-shareable data. CoMapping has a built-in chat feature to support instant discussion and also includes task management presentations and email status updates. 24. MyThoughts MyThoughts for OS X offers freedom and flexibility to build meaningful unique mind maps boasting powerful features including drag and drop branch styles relationships a media browser print manager and outline notes. You can import OPML and Freemind files and export to RTDF Word PDF Image and OPML formats. The uncluttered user-friendly interface make it easy to get started and brainstorm freely with the ability to add s to files and URL. Mobile Apps The tools above are among the the best to create mind maps online or on your desktop. However there are many iOS and Android mind mapping apps that may interest you I have also listed a few here for reference as I wasn't sure exactly if it was just web based or you wanted something for your phone or iPad so I just kind of did both I hope you find something that works for you and to be honest the web ones I've played around with but I'm sure there are a lot more. The ones for the phone and tablets and such are all on the play store and the ones I tried from there I didn't care for on my phone as screen size is a factor for me but the tablet was ok. MindNode s Simplemind s Novamind s Mindo s Maptini s Idea Sketch s iBlueSky BigMind s MindGenius s MindMaple s Mind Mapping s MindMemo s Mind Map Memo s
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