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What mobile phones do popular Quorans use?
I am definitely not popular but I really wanted to answer this question. I personally use a Samsung Galaxy S7. Not the Edge version but just the normal stock version. It great. Before this I used an iPhone 5. It was terrible even when it was new in my opinion. I understand that it was innovative. It changed the way that phones were shaped forever. But it locked me out of doing everything. I couldn change the theme or anything. It sucked so much. I don think that I will ever change from Android to iOS again since you just gotta have that flexibility dude! Also they are much cheaper than iPhone on contract not really with the actual phone prices anymore. The thing that sucks with my Android is that I have had it for like 3 months and the back is already smashed. I even had a case on it. But this means that the water resistance feature is gone; it not like I would use it in the shower but being able to use it in the rain is good. I have the same case on it now I should really get a new one if it could not survive that. On my iPhone however I dropped it all the time since I was a strong believer in not using a case and it only smashed like twice. The second time wasn even a drop. It got slammed onto a table and the screen went berserk. I could not use it at all. I do like the actual iOS operating system more than Android in some cases however it was more stable and never really had apps crashing. Which you can kind of expect from Apple. They used to be a goodpany. But to give it to my S7. I barely ever get crashing which is good. It finally bit the dust in the end though and literally just cut out entirely when I was in a call with my friend. I am happy that it finally died though to be honest because then I can have an excuse to replace it and not have a slow phone. We did enquire about getting it fixed though. I do love italic my S7! Credit whistleOut.
How is a Mac better than a free Linux distribution like Ubuntu?
Con MacOS is my preferred laptop & desktop o dating back to the original MacPlus - which was standard issue when I worked at BBN from 198531992. (Note that BBN which brought the world the ARPANET was at the time one of the 1 largest Mac installations in the world another was NASA.) Ive used Windows on and off for decades - typically in the form of employer issued machines. I continue to use it under emulation on my Mac to run programs that are only available for Windows - notably the functional version of Quicken and Visio. I run a server farm that currently runs Debian Linux and at various times has run RedHat Linux and Solaris (Unix). Im currently considering moving to another distro or to a BSD Unix as a result of the systemd debacle (another topic for another time). I.e. I use all of the major OSs as appropriate - so this is not a fanboy answer. MacOS is essentially a very nice GUI on top of BSD Unix (which with Linuxpatibility means youve got a full Linux distribution sitting behind any terminal window). Basic advantages A well put-together supported o running on very well built hardware. Aplete Unix environment available through any terminal window as well as Xterms. Availability of multiple hypervisors - allowing you to run additional instances of MacOS (e.g. for development & test) Windows Linux distros and BSD distros - all with near-native performance. You can get Parallels (my preferred hypervisor) VMware (the industry standard particularly in the Windows world) and VirtualBox (free) and probably others. I typically have a Windows VM running - mostly for Quicken; and I often have Linux VMs running for development purposes. (Note On my servers I run the Xen hypervisor; most folks seem to use KVM.) Overall ites down to ease of use support and the fewest hassles of any laptop operating system.
How did Google Chrome manage to beat Internet Explorer when Firefox failed?
As a longtime fan of Firefox I feel like someone should ex what they did wrong since it is clear that much of Chrome's growth was on the back of Firefox's loss. After Firefox 3.6 many of the extensions that helped grow the brand started failing. External plug-ins like Flash required needed to be installed through a separate process and keeping them updated became much moreplex. The popularity of Lastpass and Xmarks that helped increase the adoption of alternative browsers like Chrome. People were able to sync their data without browser and location worries helping some run dual browser worlds more easily. Firefox's mobile browsers on Android and iOS have been massive failures. Comments from loyal desktop users read like a civil war. Most hating the dual Beta environments slow startup time and misged features and layout. At a time when the battle for mobile browser is still up for grabs Firefox barely registers as a blip. This is in stark contrast to Chrome's ICS browserments and reviews of a almost ready for prime-time browser with desktop like performance and auto sync features. I hope the Mozilla team can make changes or adapt their platform to help the developmentmunity move in the right direction. They have great people and tools and will likely continue with or without popular demand.