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Flash Player Test: What You Should Know

It is a web application which allows you to test you Flash Player installation through the website  Flash test is a web app available on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE and Internet Explorer. Test Adobe Flash Player Test the Adobe Flash Player Test | Codger Test Adobe Flash Player If your system has the Flash Player installed, visit to download the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. You can also test it simply by starting the player and clicking the start button that pops up.  Test Adobe Flash Player Test Adobe Flash Player.  Use a virtual machine and visit the Flash Player test page in VirtualBox.  If you see the  Flash Player Test Page — Codger Test Adobe Flash Player with the Microsoft .NET Framework.  Test Adobe's Flash Player to see if it works with the Microsoft .NET Framework, and if it doesn't, we are going to install the Adobe flash plugin for Internet Explorer.  Here's how: Using Internet Explorer, visit the Adobe Flash Player test page again and click the Play button that appears. Your test Adobe Flash Player installation will now complete. This will give you a quick flash preview of a small test window.  You may also want to consider installing the Adobe Flash Player plugin in the Microsoft Windows operating system.   If your browser's Flash Player does not have a flash player plugin, download, install, and run the flash plugin. Now, you can test if your Adobe Flash Player installation works with the Microsoft .NET Framework, and if it does not, we are going to install the Adobe flash plugin for Internet Explorer. Now, please make sure that you have Flash player installed on your system.  If you don't want to create a whole new installation of Adobe Flash Player, you can also test to see if it runs by using a Virtual machine. I used VirtualBox.  Just go to the link below for your software of choice.  Test your Adobe Flash Player installation  Using Internet Explorer, visit the Adobe Flash Player test page in VirtualBox.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing flash player test

Instructions and Help about flash player test

Hello guys and welcome to a predication video tutorials my name is Chris and today we're looking at how to test your Adobe Flash Player you can test if your Adobe Flash Player is working correctly by going to this page on the Adobe website is good to Adobe / software / flash I'll put the URL in the video description below so what you need to do is simply load that page and if your flash players working correctly you'll see this brief video before that no ties meant that just shows you the flash players working correctly if you try it maybe on another browser with the flash players into working as correctly try an internet explorer now you'll notice that the video will not play it actually gives me as a message saying the website wants to install the Adobe Flash Player add-on so that basically shows you that the Adobe Flash Player is not working correctly on Internet Explorer and you can click on here to download and install no madam browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have their own of Flash Player installed in the background and gets updated as you're getting your browser now once you check your Adobe Flash Player much it's working correctly you also have the version here tells you what version of Adobe Flash Player you have installed in your browser and you can compare that to the latest version of Flash Player that is available for your operating system so that's how you can test a dual flash player on your computer thank you for watching you can leave a comment or ask any question in the comments box below the video and don't forget to subscribe and share my name is Chris for my predication ugh energy...

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