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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing adobe flash player (mac)
Instructions and Help about adobe flash player (mac)

Music in this video we will explain how to enable flash in the safari web browser this will fix the issue where your course appears to be showing a blank white page the first thing you're going to want to do is go ahead and open up a new tab and then type in adobe flash download once you have searched adobe flash download it go ahead and click where it says go to download this will open up the downloads page for adobe flash go ahead and click where it says download flash player and yellow in the middle of your screen this will start your download for adobe flash once it has finished downloading go ahead and click in the bottom right hand corner of your screen on the download section then click to launch the installflashplayer.dmg file once you have launched the install flash player dmg file go ahead and double click where it says install adobe flash player it may give you a pop-up warning you to whether or not you would like to launch adobe flash player go ahead and click open then adobe flash play will have you agree to their terms and conditions check yes to agree then click install it may ask for your computer's password this happens go ahead and put in your computer's administrator password then click install once this is finished installing it may ask you your update preferences go ahead and select allow adobe to install updates then click done you have now successfully installed adobe flash now you'll want to go ahead and fully quit out of safari on your computer go ahead and click on the safari window you had previously opened then in the upper left hand corner of your screen click where it says safari and then click quit safari at the bottom of that drop down window once you've quit out of the safari web browser go ahead and launch safari again and then pull back up our course once you are back in your course you should get a popup saying would you like to use flash go ahead and click use flash this may refresh the page if this happens go ahead and click resume and then resume your course again if your videos still do not appear to be loading then that means that we'll still need to enable flash in your browser's settings go ahead and click where it says safari in the upper left hand corner of your screen and this will create a drop down window scroll down to where it says preferences and click here in this drop down window once you are in safari preferences go ahead and select websites along the top and then go to adobe flash player on the left hand side make sure that the blue check mark is checked to the left of where it says adobe flash player then where it says off in this drop.