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Filehippo PDF Editor: What You Should Know

This is an open source software, freeware. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.0.51 for Windows — Oct 3, 2024 — In this document we have a selection of the best Adobe Acrobat Reader add-on for Adobe Acrobat and PDF Reader 10.1.1 in Microsoft Windows. Download Microsoft Windows Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.0.51 for Windows Jun 13, 2024 — Free and very lightweight PDF viewer. Microsoft Acrobat Reader, an application to read PDF files and save PDF documents directly to the hard disk. Download Microsoft Acrobat Reader 10.0.51 for Windows Jul 17, 2024 — Free and fully-featured Acrobat Reader. The program is designed to convert PDFs into HTML and to read Word, Excel and PowerPoint files by converting them into PDF format. Download OCR Reader 8.6.21 for Windows — Google Chrome Jun 13, 2024 — OCR Reader by Croft is designed to assist in the correction and re-reading of the photographic images and other written or electronic documents of almost any type. It can handle both printed documents and scanned ones. Download OCR Reader 8.6.21 for Windows — Google Chrome Dec 13, 2024 — OCR Reader is a free, fully portable and open-source program for reading, repairing, and creating documents from text. It can take PDFs, images for your computer, text for your computer or images for another computer, and read them back to you. You may use this as a free, open-source tool to improve your computer education or to improve your reading skills. Download Free OCR PDF Converter 4.12 for Windows Dec 13, 2024 — Free OCR PDF Reader for Windows. The free OCR PDF Reader for Windows is designed to save your time when you want to convert photos to PDF form. The program converts in two different ways, depending on the option setting you chose from the Preferences screen, and gives you total flexibility. Download OCR Reader 8.6.21 for Windows Sep 26, 2024 — OCR Reader from Croft is a powerful, open-source OCR (optical character recognition) program. You can also download OCR Reader for Linux or macOS. Download OCR Reader 8.6.21 for Windows Nov 10, 2024 — OCR Reader is a free OCR Reader which can be used on Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista.

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