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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing adobe reader dc 19 silent install
Instructions and Help about adobe reader dc 19 silent install

Hi I'm Shane from admin Arsenal today we're gonna use the Adobe customization wizard 11 to build a silent installation for Adobe Reader 11 you can use the customization wizard for other Adobe products such as Acrobat first of all you have to download it so just google Adobe customization wizard 11 and just download that installation and install it from from Adobe's site we are going to go ahead and take it from there we've already installed it and now we've also downloaded the latest version of Adobe Reader you can see that exe right there to Dobie Reader 11 update 10 so the first thing we have to do is extract the MSI file or files from this Exe we're gonna go to start run drag this right there and we're going to have to type in a couple of commands here or a couple of parameters to extract that - and os underscore o and then we're gonna type in the path where we want this to go I'm just going to do the temp directory so it's a % temp we'll call this a reader close quote space - nos underscore and the e perfect say ok now we're gonna be extracting this well that's extracting I'm going to go to my temp directory and you'll see there's our reader directory right there and it's all been everything's been extracted now notice there's the MSI that is Adobe Reader 11 the base version and then there's the update 10 to get that up to the latest of the latest version alright I'm actually going to copy just for just for the this demonstration I'm going to copy that reader directory over to my desktop and now going to open up the Adobe customization wizard that we just installed brings you this it's going to ask you okay open the install file which happens to be the MSI so there's our Accra read it's under the reader directory open that up and this will say okay this is the adobe reader if there was if this was Acrobat then you would have these fields enabled so you could type in the serial number and the registered user etc we're going to use the EULA option to say suppress that the installation we are going to make reader the default PDF viewer the run installation we're gonna make that run silently no interface we don't want the user to see anything and we were going to suppress a reboot very important and then a couple of other options if you would need files add files or folders you can do that we're not going to do any of that here we are going to disable the Adobe Reader short 11 shortcut on the desktop we're just highlight that and say remove we don't want that on the desktop a security I'm going to take it from the default to file of the protected view files.