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Where can I quickly exchange Philippine Pesos to US Dollars in the Philippines without jumping through hoops?
You can trymercial banks but I think they require some paperwork especially if you start trying to buy above a certain amount. Forex services outside of airports are mostly authorized to buy foreign currency like US$ but not to sell them. Best thing that worked for me? When I was working for an outsourcingpany before we would get paid in US $. Most of us would exchange that to pesos monthly. But when I needed extra US $ for an uing trip I'd simply buy the dollars from my co-workers at the same rate as the forex services. I've seen people wait around the forex services and outright offer to buy the dollars (so long as it's just a couple of hundred no one gets suspicious) from the folks waiting in line (again at the posted rates). I've also bought dollars from a small resort (that caters to foreigners hence occasionally have US$ bills) at the posted bank rates.
Why is it so hard to trade on these crypto exchanges? So many hoops to jump through before you can begin.
Ive helped a number of people get started on cryptocurrency exchanges and they all have the samets. All the hoops youre forced to jump through are actually part of the legacy banking system. The questions and verifications are required because the banking system is antiquated inherently insecure and heavily burdened with regulations. Once you have your money in a cryptocurrency it is a much more simple and quick process. There are many exchanges that will let you get started with very little information and no formal identity verification at all. The caveat of these exchanges being that you must already have your money converted to cryptocurrency. Anypany that deals with large sums of wealth will inevitably be subjected to some form of criminal activity. For both the legacy banking system and cryptocurrency systems as the stakes raise so do the number of hoops.
What is one way to improve school safety that is inexpensive?
What is one way to improve school safety that is inexpensive? Open discussion of the issues that youth face. People are quick to espouse problems within schools but in my experience the failure of basicmunication to identify and address concerns has been the root of many larger conflicts. Permit children to express emotions. Identify the factors that have taken them to that point rather than tell them You CANT say that! Zero tolerance of anger and frustration with the failure to teach coping skills leads to greater outbursts. A child can only build with the tools they are given. Recognize when someone is in stress. No need to diagnose the issue at this point but recognize that there is tension and that you can impact the oue through your actions. For some folks the world kinda sucks is your barking going to motivate that child who was beaten before school? Validate the rape victim? Teach a child that they can respond differently than an angry adult whom they respect or fear? Sit down and listen process and respond with those in your universe. No time? How much time do schools spend planning for the next attack? student death? bomb threat? Brief expressions of interest and concern go much further than one might think. Invite students to share one positive event from the weekend or something that they look forward to for the uing days. Know your students. Ask about things that are important to them. There are youth that you just don get or like. Ge them toward adults who do connect with them. Education is not successful when the content is valued more than the person. Humans are social animals who rely on one another to develop healthy relationships with society. Society sometimes expects children who lack healthy experiences to magically be able to perform as well as those children who are immersed in healthy experiences. Would you expect a ten year old who had never been exposed to music to perform a Queen hit without instruction? Would you turn the chemistry lab over to a 1 year old with no instruction? Why then do you assume that all children share amon level of experience and knowledge in social settings coping anger management? The cheapest and most impactful tool that you have to improve the security of your youth is conversation. Real listening and exchanging of idea. Perhaps even a little respect.
What kind of people are INTPs?
Im pretty much the stereo of what an INTP is supposed to be according to available data at least (and Ive mined pretty deep into personality theory). So from my perspective as a regular INTP nerd I italic Have an allergy to stupidity. I rather spend eternity as a hermit than integrate with shallow-minded imbeciles. Have low tolerance for mathematical spelling and grammatical errors. These annoy me far more than they annoy most people. Live for anal accuracy. Forget where I put it Developed my own working model of the universe which I constantly update weighting all new findings and facets with logical probability. Am obsessed with science particularly astro physics and neurochemistry. I also enjoy psychology and philosophy as supporting subjects. Can spend hours on end submersed in deep excogitation and daydream. This can be frustrating to others. Spend most of my life analysing data or writing up my findings in some format or other. Have a surprisingly diverse array of projects at various stages ofpletion (for example my novel has been ongoing for 7 years). Naturally do not enjoy routine. If free of responsibilities I tend to stay up all night doing random research22 then sleep until Post-Meridian. Am rebellious. I understand why the pyramid of sheeple and as a wolf resent wearing the lambskin. Like to burst idealist bubbles (evil grin). I am fast to spot logical incongruity and pounce on agenda fuelled bs like a cat on a rat hehehe. Keep a lot of my best ideas to myself. I do not trust people. Prefer to wear black and actually have an evil laugh although Im not quite as evil as an INTJ (I have an INTJ brother). Disclaimer italic MBTI and its Jungian roots are simply theoretical models. italic Also I anticipate each of the 16 s to cover a range of subs and strength variables italic
What was the riskiest investment you made that paid off?
Shorting the market using DIA puts and VIX calls during the financial crisis. It was after the market had already pulled back from 14k to 12k and I was fresh out of school. I literally started working my first job out of college the week after the market hit it (then) all time high of 14k. Everyone at work thought I was bonkers because the market had alreadye down 15% and even more so when I told them I thought we were going below 1k. But I read a lot and I was convinced the underlying issues were not solved and there was a huge systemic problem. So I dumped all that I had at the time - which was only ~5k since I had started working only recently - on those options above. They were leap options that were good for a little over a year. I made sure to hold them almost to expiration so that I could get the favorable tax rate for long term investments. I closed them when the market was around 8k because I didn know how much lower it would go. The options were worth about 3k when I closed. That paid for most of the renovations on the house I bought as a short sale in November 21. During the recovery I stayed pretty much entirely out of the market because I was too worried about another crash and didn want to risk losing capital I needed for a home purchase and a wedding. So I missed a ton of upside but I was able to sleep at night and focused instead on saving as much hard cash as possible. People at work again thought I was nuts for not being in it to capture the recovery but they just couldn grasp the concept that I wasn down 435% like they were so I was already way ahead of them even without those trades ( is greater than negative 5 is what I used to say to them which royally pissed off a few people whose retirement accounts were still reeling). Morale of the story - trust your own research. Don drink the cool-aid.
What are the pros and cons of Bitcoin vs other cryptocurrencies?
It depends on the cryptocurrency in question and what your use is for both. For pure speculation Bitcoin is probably the best bet. Bitcoin is also the best crypto medium of exchange if you want to purchase other cryptocurrencies. italic Bitcoins are taken on practically all exchanges and can sometimes be easier to deal with than trying to get through the dozen verification hoops exchanges make you go through so you can use USD. Bitcoin also has some utility as a means to send value across borders and is probably the best cryptocurrency italic to do this with -far as I know- because it is so widespread. But there arepanies building up cross-border infrastructure that is superior to Bitcoin here so I don expect this to last forever. I would say if you want to 1) make (or lose) a quick buck 2) buy other cryptocurrencies without using fiat or 3) move value across borders (though this strength is eroding) Bitcoin is the best crypto for it. In terms of literally anything else (and there are a lot of elses) Bitcoin is one of the worst coins. The tech behind it is objectively outdated at this point it is the most highly visible and regulated coin the decentralized nature is more than a joke now given the supply is controlled by a few giant firms mostly in China and other than the three points listed above there not much else you can do with it. In my opinion Bitcoin gets by mostly by name recognition and deep liqity today.
What does "signed" and "ratified" really mean in international treaties?
The conclusion of international treaties is set forth in Part II Section 1 of the Vienna Convention on the law of treaties s%21155 . Signature The signature (which is usually subject to ratification) does not establish the state's consent to be bound by the treaty. However it establishes the of the treaty as authentic and definitive (Art. 1). It also creates an obligation not to defeat the object and purpose of the treaty (Art. 18). Ratification The consent to be bound is usually established at a later point in time by ratification (Art. 14) or similar means. This is usually done by exchanging or notifying instruments of ratification. For multilateral treaties one state often acts as a depository for such instruments or notification. (Art. 16) Ratification requires the approval in accordance with national procedures. This often involves the national parliaments or legislatures and is often equivalent to passing a law. Please note that this national approval is not the same as ratification. National approval is a prerequisite for ratification. Ratification occurs after national approval when the instruments of ratification are exchanged or notified. (Note The states can also agree that the signature already expresses the consent to be bound. In this case there is no separate ratification but democratic states will often have to sign ad referendum italic and confirm their signature after obtaining national approval.) Accession Multilateral treaties are often open for accession by states who are not signatories. It has the same effects and requirements (sans the requirement that the treaty has been signed by such state) as ratification.
Is Boris Johnson within his rights to refuse Scotland a referendum on independence?
Legally and technically yes he is but practically if there was growing public dissent over the decision he would have to concede it and would probably do so as Cameron did and attempt to influence the question put in the referendum. Why? Because governments job is to govern over the populace and manage social discontent in ways which do not impede the profit making requirements of the collective parasitic ruling class which administrative arm the government always is in a class society. All governments are this administrative arm of their parasitic capitalist class regardless of where they are situated in London Edinburgh or elsewhere. Their purpose to manage social discontent at home arising out of wage enslaved production for profit which ensures poverty relative or absolute as a constant state of affairs for the wealth creator working class from whom all wealth derives through the repressive and ideological apparatus of the state and to make war abroad by deed or proxy in support of or inbination with other dominant interests over raw materials trade routes markets spheres of geopolitical advantage in those interests. Thefort of the rich depends upon an abundant supply and resupply of the poor to produce the wealth from whichfort is maintained and changing the location of the government OVER the populace does not provide any remedy for that. Scotland is owned lock stock and barrel by this parasitic capitalist class who do not give a damn how their affairs are administered and the illusion of choice presented by representative democratic elections of assorted Mac Tweedledees and Mac Tweedledums to govern OVER the native wage enslaved wealth producers so long as the profits keep on rolling in. Workers have NO country and have a WORLD free of wage slavery and governments OVER them to win.