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Tetra4d Reader: What You Should Know

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Do most guitar players know how to read music?
Do guitarists read music? Actually almost 1% of classical guitar players read standard musical notation with its five-line staff G-clef and key signature accidentals. As for rock blues and country guitarists the percentage of standard notation readers approaches zero. For jazz guitarists the number is somewhere in the middle. Most of them can read a lead or so-called fake sheet which contains a single line of notation apanied by chord symbols on top but even the jazz masters get tripped up by two or more lines of music without chord symbols for gance. For the rock-blues-country players there is always tablature which can be learned in a matter of a few days to weeks. The problem with guitarists being poor sight readers has to do with the instrument itself. With the exception of the B-string the guitar is tuned in fourths. This means that for all the other stringsmencing from the bottom E-string the open notes alternate between space line space and then line on the staff. Meanwhile the violin the viola the mandolin are tuned in fifths which means that the open strings fall consistently on lines. This is easier on the eyes as each string claims a well-defined pitch territory on the staff. The second challenge for sight readers is that the guitar is a polyphonic instrument which means that the staff can direct the guitarist to play multiple lines simultaneously. This kind of playing is relatively easy on the piano because the staff and the instrument follow similar linear paths. As the notes move higher on the staff the fingers move further to the right on the piano. With few exceptions sharps and flats fall on the black keys. The notation appears so logical. Contrast that with a series of ascending notes on the staff as interpreted by the guitarist and the fingers move toward the body of the guitar for two or three notes and then they have to retreat backward for the next notes to be played on the next string. Even classical guitarists reach their Waterloo with certain pieces that demand them to play a non stop series of tetrads (chords with four notes) which require stretches and contortions of the fingers that can only be played in one of possibly four different configurations. Some chords like ninth chords are impossible to play in a root to a linear ascending position unless the number-9 note ends on an open string. Only the A-9 and D-9 chords have this distinction among the twelve dominant ninth chords. Meanwhile just play alternate ascending notes with all five fingers of your right hand on the piano and you have mastered the dominant ninth chords. Because of theplexity and ambiguity of interpreting standard notation as it relates to the guitar classicalpositions contain annotations that direct the guitarist left hand position on the neck (Roman numerals) the string selection (encircled numbers) and the preferred fingering (free standing numbers). The guitarist can choose to play the same notes in a different configuration than the rmended one; however not choosing the directed path often paints your fingers into a corner. Granted these are some of the moreplexpositions. Here even the classical virtuosos have to study the notation before they pick up the guitar and attempt to sight read the piece. Their first few passes on a previously unseenposition will not sound very inspiring. When all is said and done there is always tablature. It gets the job done with minimal pain and effort. I would however rmend to any guitarist who has developed a good earbut who sometimes gets into a repetitious rutto spend some time to learn how to read a lead sheet. This opens the world to thousands of songs residing in fake books. When the dayseande they dothat your playing is dry and bland just leaf through the pages and you will find some hidden gem that wakes your fingers out of their slumber. It works for me.
What causes a super blue blood moon?
A super blue blood moon is simply three lunar eclipses occurring at the same time. We have had the most recent Super Blue Blood Moon in 218 which is 152 years after the one before it. The three s of eclipses are a Total Lunar Eclipse Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and a Partial Lunar Eclipse. First off let begin with a Total Eclipse of the moon. A Total Eclipse is when the Umbra (the inner part of the Earth shadow) falls on the moon. During this eclipse the moon may appear a red. Since the moon does not actually produce sunlight the part of the moon that is clearly visible to us is produced by sunlight reflecting off of the Earth. When the Earth travels in between the Sun and the moon which only happens during Total Lunar Eclipses it cuts off moon light supply which gives the moon a red tone. Next there is a Partial Lunar Eclipse. A Partial lunar Eclipse is extremely similar to the Total Lunar Eclipse. While the Earth still moves between the Sun and the moon the Earth only covers a portion of the moon as oppose to covering itpletely. This creates a shadow on the surface of the moon that moderately covers the moon surface. Lastly the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. A Penumbral Eclipse is when the moon passes through the Earth penumbral shadow. When the Earth and the Sun pass around the moon similar to all of the other eclipses the Earth blocks off light in the moon direction (which is what a Lunar Eclipse is). In a Penumbral Eclipse a fraction of the moon will be covered by the shadow cast by Earth however the shadow is to a much more minimal degree. Super (It is at the point when it is closest to Earth so it appears larger) Blue (Second Full Moon of the Month) Blood (Referring to the fact that it is Blood Red) Moon (It is a moon)
How long is Kali Yuga?
Update (4th February 22) When I answered this question in July 216 this world was in a normal state. Despite the normalcy I decided to post our initial findings about Kali Yuga. Subsequently I kept updating our findings in the same post. Currently I could see the validity of our findingsing in terms of unrest among people volatile economy italic epidemic diseases violence increasing intensity of natural disasters italic climate change italic etc. Hence I would like to share our conference level to the readers of this article that we are truly living in a Crucial Phase of Era whenpared to the known and recorded history. Gist of our finding italic As per our calculation the crisis period wouldmence from 23rd March 219 and italic it will get further augmented from 13th January 22 onward. The world can find a relief from March 226 onward. italic Keeping this observation in the mind we request the readers to continue reading the original answer appearing below The Original Answer italic As far as Kali Yuga is concerned based on the following inputs the research done at our GAC (Global Awareness Center) indicates that we are currently in the last phase of Kali Era As per Earth precession theory (Milankovitch Cycles) the axis of earth takes approximately 13 years to point the fixed star Polaris after pointing the fixed star Vega. Please refer Milankovitch Cycles s Most historians think that most likely August 11 3114 BCE was the base date used by the Maya for the start of the first Great Cycle a period of 5125 years that ended on December 21 212 CE. This date was greatly misinterpreted to be the end of the world. In my opinion the interpretation should have mentioned about the beginning of the transition period italic after the end of the 'Great Cycle'. Only during the transition period the results of the behaviour of the humanity during the just crossed 'Great Cycle' are supposed to have declared and corrective actions are taken. Please refer Mayan calendar | chronology s Crack was discovered in the earth magnetic field and it helped the cosmic rays to penetrate into earth. Please refer Crack discovered in Earth's magnetic shield s Cosmic rays play a major role in forming Black Carbon Aerosols that expedite Climate change and Global Warming. Please refer The Connections Between Cosmic Rays Clouds and Climate s and Interaction between the Black Carbon Aerosol Warming Effect and East Asian Monsoon Using RegCM4 s During a regular night's sleep an average of 1 million Cosmic Rays (CR) will travel through a person's body. Because this high-frequency radiation has enough energy to remove electrons from atoms or molecules their direct effects due to passage through the body can leave molecules momentarily ionized. Such ionized particles are unstable and quickly undergo chemical changes; and as shown in studies by Nobel prize winner H.J. Muller and others ionization can cause among other effects mutations and changes in human genes. There are also reports of DNA strand breaks and decreased capacity of the immune system italic . Please refer RAD51 Plays a Crucial Role in Halting Cell Death Program Induced by Ionizing Radiation in Bovine Oocytes s%21-11 Based on the above inputs the planetary conjunctions transit of few planets and the following references made in different religious scriptures our research has hinted that the Kali Era is nearing an end by the year 222 and the effect of the end of Kali Era will be experienced till the year 226 italic Crucial periods of Kali Yuga as indicated by Vedic astrological reference and by different religious scriptures i) Vedic astrological reference One of such conjunction was the Stellium conjunction of 8 planets in adjacent zodiac houses in the year 312 BCE . Majority of historians predicted the war of reinstatement of justice (Mahabharata war) took place after this stellium. Our research has narrowed down the period of war to the year 358 BCE which is 6 years from the year of stellium. italic The next stellium took place in the year 1962 CE in which 8 planets conjuncted in the same house. If we calculate 6 years from 1962 CE ites to 222 CE. italic In my opinion humanity will have tough crisis during the period ranging from 219 till 225 in order to reinstate the righteousness in the world. As per our calculation the crisis period wouldmence from 23rd March 219 and it will get further augmented from 13th January 22 onward. The world can find a relief from March 226 onward. italic Edit The very reason for taking 13th January 22 as the date of augmentation was due to the important conjunction of Pluto in the sign of Sagittarius that marked the end of Kali Era or Kali Yuga. This of conjunction takes place in Sagittarius only after 26 years. italic ii) References from different religious scriptures After Mahabharat war was over (between BCE 312 and BCE 35) Lord Krishna indicated that the first phase of Kali Yuga would get over after 5 years and it is provided in the fourth part of Brahma Vaivarta Purana through a specific dialogue held between Lord Krishna and Mother Ganga. Verse 49 is a question by Ganga verses 536 are Lord Sri Krishna's answer. The transition period (end of Kali Yuga and the beginning of Satya Yuga) came in place by April 214 after the appearance of first tetrad of Blood Moon Link Christian Pastors Warn 'Blood Moon' Is An Omen Of Armageddon And Second Coming Srimad Bagavatam a famous Hindu scripture has mentioned the probable period of Kali Yuga by July 214 in terms of the conjunction of Sun Moon and Jupiter in Pushya Nakshatra as per Vedic Astrology (Reference Srimad Bagavatam verse SB 12.2 The Symptoms of Kali-yuga s ) 18th November 216 Frequency of Ketu merged with that of Neptune and they havemenced the process to assist the people who work towards Liberation of Others. 23 Sept 217 italic Rosh Hashanah italic Initial phase of Destruction of Kali-yugamences. As per Revelation 12 astronomical signs appeared on 23rd September 217 indicated the Birth of Child (Need and Pressure to seek Knowledge and Wisdom through the tough situations challenging our Survival) italic in the form of Jupiter delivered by a woman made up of stars in the sign of Virgo. Earth started encountering many changes including Political and Environmental (Climate Change) changes from September 217 onwards. Kindly refer the following The September 217 Revelation 12 Sign Tells Us 3 Escape All These Things (Luke 2136) s The September 217 Revelation 12 Sign Tells Us 3 Escape All These Things (Luke 2136) s The crucial and final phase of Kali Yuga wouldmence from 1st May 219 during the Conjunction of Ketu and Saturn (in the sign of Sagittarius) and this phase would prevail during the period between 219 and 225 (the peak would be in the year of 222) italic Kindly refer the following to observe the current changes taking place in the global environment GAC Kali Era s Kindly refer the following s to understand the purpose of Kali Yuga 1) Aravindan Muthu's answer to Why do bad things happen to good people and what are the ways good people cane out of bad 'situations'? answer aid 2712888 2) Aravindan Muthu's answer to How would you ex the essence of Bhagavad Gita? answer aid 28583749 3) Aravindan Muthu's answer to What is your answer to the question What is the meaning of life? answer aid 26873563 4) Aravindan Muthu's answer to What does the middle path actually mean when applied in day to day living? answer aid 3161973 5) Aravindan Muthu's answer to Who am I? answer aid 26677425 6) Aravindan Muthu's answer to Do you believe in life after death? answer aid 332147
In a chord why is a b9 interval problematic when a maj7 is not?
Jerry Whalen user 3567847 answer is for those who know a lot about music. No one with a great deal of training would ask this so some readers wishing to learn something might have difficulty in following it. I did. But I did understand the question so here goes. The easy answer for someone who like me is not a musicologist is that the u266d9 (not b9 ) interval is not present in anymonly used scale so it sounds weird to us and at the very least exotic. The interval is just a half tone above the tonic. (Technically as Whalen says it an octave plus a half tone but guitar players may find it easier to understand it as just a half tone above the root.) Western ears are not used to hearing this interval. When we hear it we instinctively recoil and think Something wrong here! italic When I say that the tonal interval is not present I mean that there is no scale we use where the second tone is just a half step up from the tonic. There are two scales in our classical mode typology that have this half-step interval above the tonic Phrygian mode and Locrian mode but these are so rarely used in popular music that no one thinks of them as normal. So when you year a chord based on one of these abnormal scales you automatically think Not right! There is nothing wrong with the flatted ninth interval. It sounds fine to you if it in a melody with which you are familiar. The song Misirlou italic is based on the Byzantine scale which is a Middle Eastern scale very similar to Phrygian mode. The first two notes of the song are the root tone and flatted 9th. There nothing odd about it because you have probably heard it hundreds of times during your lifetime. When you play a chord with that interval in songs in typical major modes like Ionian or Mixolydian or in typical minor modes like Aeolian or Dorian the flatted ninth interval sounds weird. This is because that interval is not present in the scale on which the song is based the tone being one of the five tones from our twelve-tone system that are not used in the current scale. In other words the tone is in the cracks between two tones that are being used for the scale. Guitar player trivia The u266d9 interval is so rare in Western music that I can only think of one song I do that has that interval in a chord used in the song. It Well Meet Again italic where I use an E7u266d9. (I call it that in my lead sheet to make sure that I don play an Eu266d9 by mistake. This would be an entirely different chord as it would have a root a half tone lower which would yield the same tone for the 9th but the 3rd 5th and dominant 7th would all be flatted like the root.) The song is in the key of D major so the root tone of the chord E is the perfect 2nd of the scale being used. Thus the u266d9 interval of the chord is really a minor 3rd interval in the scale. Unlike Misirlou italic this interval doesn sound as weird because it relative to just the root of the chord rather than the scale of the melody line. Its use in the song effects a transient modulation to the parallel minor key D minor. Enough about the u266d9 interval. The question remaining is Why doesn the major seventh interval sound weird in the same way? The thinking by the querent must have been to expect the same amount of discord from a tone a half tone below the tonic as from a tone a half tone above the root. The simple answer is that the major seventh tone is italic in themon major (Ionian mode) scale that we all know and love. As such when we hear it we think Oh that nice! italic A major seventh tetrad is one of the favorite chords used in popular music to convey a sense of airy lightness. It the the first chord in Girl From Ipanema italic and Scotch and Soda italic . You can find countless uses of major seventh chords in popular songs of various genres. ( Cowgirl in the Sand italic Don Let the Sun Catch You Crying italic etc.) The result of hearing major seventh chords so much is that it doesn sound discordant. Is this confirmation bias? Yep. You can also attribute the perception that a flatted ninth is discordant and a major seventh is not to a cultural filter to perception that is an expectation derived from cultural con. I personally think Misirlou italic is a great song and that the scalar intervals in it go together in a way that is very pleasant not discordant at all.
Did Jung have a rational way to explain Synchronicity?
No. Jung did not have a rational way to ex any synchronicity. A rational way generally means connecting cause and effect by a contact. Synchronicity is an acausal connecting principle because no causal connection may be demonstrated. For instance a woman acquaintance had dating problems. She would go on a first date. Then she would describe the date to a woman friend. The friend draw would drop because my acquaintance did not notice obvious warning signs. At dinner with both they spoke about a new guy. They asked my opinion. I pointed out examples of his creepy behaviors. She listened. As I spoke she received a new message eyed it and started laughing. I won say what he sent. In that example my opinion reinforced her woman friend. My acquaintance was bing convinced that yet again the new guy was the wrong kind of guy. At that moment she got a that demonstrated that he was the wrong kind of guy. From that an inner meaning coincided with an external event meaning. She had a recognition. And an external event immediately confirmed it. That coincidence was on the face of it. No interpretation is needed it just obvious. And odd. But empirical testing is precluded because synchronicities aren repeatable. They aren repeatable because each is unique and spontaneous. Also there no physical mechanism to ex how that fellow could have been included in my conversation without his having been there. No contact no causation. We then have an acausal connection that connecting principle Jung termed synchronicity. Explanations are therefore excluded by definition. So what are we to make of it rationally? That the point. There is nothing to make of it rationally by definition. Any such attempt is unproductive. I find it productive to just let that surprised feeling be enough. The thing is it was so damn funny. So to me how it feels is the point. Isn it nice the world works that way sometimes?
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