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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing jquery-viewer


Are there any jQuery plugins for 360 image viewers?
Yes. Pannellum s is what you will want to use. Ive used it successfully in the past. Enjoy! )
What are some good open source JSON object viewers/editors?
Here youve got a list of useful s that I think might help you - js visualization library fully serializable and deserializable via JSON - you can use it to visualize json as a graph JSON Editor Example - open source JSON editor with nodes edit feature JSON Editor online ( view edit and format JSON online -) online editor with avaliable source code JSON Editor s - JSON Editor as a Chrome Extension JSON Editor s JSON Editor s - two JSON Editors -mercial apps And some articles about JSON editors 15+ JSON Editors - Free Online Windows Mac Browser - Butler Analytics 15 Best jQuery JSON Plugins | Code Geekz s Hope I helped
What is the best framework for creating mobile apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
Top 1 Frameworks To Build Mobile Application With HTML CSS & JavaScript n1. JQuery Mobile italic njQueryMobile is a robust mobile development framework to build cross- mobile-platform app. 2. Cordova italic s PhoneGap italic nPhoneGap is essentially based on Cordova. Cordova provides a set JavaScript APIs that connect to the device native functions such as Camera Compass Contacts and Geolocation. Cordova lets us build a mobile application without the native programming language; instead we can use a framework like jQuery Mobile. 3. Sencha Touch italic nSencha Touch is a mobile framework powered by HTML5 and CSS3 providing APIs animations andponents that arepatible with the current mobile platforms and browsers. 4. Ratchet italic nRatchet was originally used by Twitter as an internal tool to create their mobile app proto which is then released publicly as an open source project. 5. Ionic italic nIf you are concerned with your app performance Ionic is the right framework for you. Ionic is an HTML5 mobile framework with focus on performance by leveraging hardware acceleration and it requires no third-party JS library. 6. Lungo italic nLungo is a lightweight mobile framework based on HTML5 and CSS3. 7. JQT italic njQT is a Zepto plugin for mobile framework primarily designed for Webkit browsers. 8. Junior italic #home nJunior is also a Zepto plugin for building a mobile app similar to jQT. 9. Jo italic nJo supports a wide variety of mobile platforms including Tizen and Chrome OS. Jo alsoes with a starter that is powered by CSS3 so it makes it easy for web developers at any level of experience to grasp and start styling their apps. 1. italic nA new kid on the mobile framework block promises to eliminate HTML5 performance issue on mobile devices with its lightweight JavaScript engine (only 64k). Manager - n
What should I learn first, Angular or jQuery?
Learn jQuery first! There's nothing wrong with jQuery except for the fact that learning it won't make you a javascript ace or get you much respect from other javascript aces. But its a good quick way to start and a useful javascript toolkit. I view it as essential for front end work. BTW I work as a front end dev for a financial corporation. Most of my work is building Angular modules for applications. Some good things about jQuery Itspatible with all browsers. That's not as big a deal as it used to be but its still important. It can make AJAX requests. This is a key to building modern websites and apps. Websites rarely stand alone. They like to get data. It has a simpler syntax than vanilla JS. Dom lookups in vanilla are painful to me. jQuery is much nicer. Its very good at animated effects. You can drive your viewers crazy of course. Discretion helps. Its fun! Build something for yourself. Get some data show off your mad skills. If your goal is merely to build websites italic jQuery might be all you need. But it won't get you very far if your goal is application italic development. You'll need javascript chops for that. When you find yourself working with a tangled mess of HTML CSS and conditional logic you will know exactly why you might want to use an real framework such as Angular React Ember or Backbone etc. If you study up and get a grasp of the power of javascript you will know if you want to keep going down that path and if so what framework you should use. Good luck! BTW lots of apps built with Angular Ember and Backbone also use jQuery. Why would they do that? Mostly for animations DOM manipulation and AJAX.. p.s. I no longer think jQuery is essential for front end work. There is a lot to be said for replacing it with which is a very fun and easy to learn framework. It won do everything jQuery does. It doesn have the cool animation stuff and it doesn do the ajax but you can get other libraries to do ajax and CSS transitions to do animation.
Are there any other photo-viewer plugins besides SimpleViewer that do not use Flash?
Search for jquery gallery shd work on mobile also provided resolution is taken care
What plugin is used on this website "" to toggle before/after images?
This is probably what you are looking for jQuery Before Plugin . It the exact same jQuery plugin used on your reference website. You still need to code a bit in order to implement it on your website as there is no WP plugin doing it for now. If you need one ready to use with no headache Smart Before After Viewer s can be a good one to consider. It no the exact same jQuery plugin but it pretty good and efficient. Good luck!