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Is it common for internet forums to accept html embeds in discussion threads?
About 12 years ago ourpany (then called Infopop) came up with a light version of html called UBBCode which was intended to safely allow html-like functionality without opening up full html. Most forums have adopted this approach calling it BBCode.
What is a free way to make 360 product photos for my website html embed?
There was a client that asked me the same question before. The answer is no. 36 product photos are essentially 36 24 or 18 photos (depending on the resolution you want) at different angles of the same product being stitched together. All these photos require time and effort by the photographer(s) to ensure a smooth transition during the animation. And as anyone should know time and effort equate to money. Without money why should anyone make time and effort? And so you decide to make some time and effort on your own to have the photos done. Now I had calculate the costs before. Engaging a photographer who knows his stuff would take roughly $2 for a 1 products. For someone green (aka myself) I worked out that I would lose enough time over this product to take in a couple more projects to a tune of ~$1. It is all about specialisation and the resulting inefficiency if I were to dabble in product photography rather than concentrate on delivering projects.
How do I create an HTML embed code to publish WP posts on other non-WP websites?
All you need is some javascript that will gather your RSS feed and then format it correctly. If it were me I'd find a jquery script (like one of these ) that I could customize. This seems like a fairly easy project code-wise (at least to my eyes) but if code isn't your thing you could probably get the basics assembled and then get the code done cheap on Elance oDesk etc. You could also create your own widget on Widgetbox ( and other similar sites. Good luck!
Can you embed HTML into a Slack post?
If you meant actually parsed html (as in