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Open PDF In Ie Instead Of Download: What You Should Know

How to delete an Adobe PDF in Chrome? How to save HTML pages in a PDF via Acrobat? — The best solution is to convert the PDF file to something like plain text, and use it in any program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint....) or using Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can create, edit, and edit pages in any format you like. How to turn on the PDF in Firefox? — If you are looking for a simple Firefox add-on or browser plugin that allows you to open a PDF in Firefox, you have come to the right place. This plugin will give an automatic PDF page to open in Firefox. For a complete list of Adobe PDF plugins, see :- Adobe reader plugins.  In order for the plugin to operate it must have 2 things: 1) the PDF must be installed into the plugins' folder (i.e., c:\adobefxplorer;C:\adobefxplorer\plugins; C:\ adobefxplorer\plugins\HTML), and 2) the plugin executable must be run when Firefox is launched. If you run to Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / macOS Sierra you can just install the adobe PDF add-on into the following registry: [HELM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Microsoft Edge\Extensions\PPDF] [HELM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Microsoft Edge\Extensions\PPDF]”C:\adobefxplorer\plugins” How to delete the Adobe PDF in Firefox? How to delete an Adobe PDF in Chrome? How do I download/save PDF files in Opera Mini? — When you load Opera Mini, you can choose to download a page. If you choose to download a page, then when you open a PDF file you should see that the page file has just been loaded. How to make Opera open the PDF in browser, instead of automatically open it? How do I download PDFs in Firefox? How do I set autoreload feature in Chrome? How to set autoreload feature in Firefox? Can I switch back to opening PDFs via right click? There is no way back. If you change a setting in Firefox you can not go back to normal.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing open pdf in ie instead of download


How does the Chrome Frame Installer for IE work?
The installer is somewhat different from the runtimeponent but I'll ex how the install flow works which should let us talk about both. Lets assume you visit a site that's hosting a Chrome Frame prompt e.g. my blog Upon consenting to the install the installer is downloaded and if possible the install process is accelerated by an Open Sourceponent called Omaha Once the installer download starts the page begins running an occasional check to see if the install has finished. It detects this by looking to see if it can create an instance of the ActiveX control that Chrome Frame provides. Upon startup this control looks to see if the browser-resident portion of Chrome Frame (the bit that usually loads when the browser starts) has been loaded. If not the ActiveX control loads it. Once detected we know that the installation is finished and the page is reloaded (or the user sent to whatever URL the developer wanted). It's this next page load that involves the normal Chrome Frame detection mechanism. The in-browserponent that we previously bootstrapped otherwise known as a Browser Helper looks at the headers and first bytes of the web page being loaded. If it detects that the developer has sent the flag to ask the page to render via Chrome Frame (learn about that here #TOC-Making-Your-Pages-Work-With-Google- ) a full-page rendering surface is created much the way a PDF viewer or Office Docment viewer can be invoked by IE to render some documents; unlike those viewers Chrome Frame renders -old HTML using the Chrome renderer instead of IE's built-in engine. That's all there is to it! When you navigate to another page the exact same process happens all over again allowing each page to decide for itself if it wants to be rendered in Chrome Frame meaning that old content is never broken.
What makes one web browser faster than another?
I will try exing this in a way both tech technically inclined people can understand. I am also using the current Quora page as an example. Assuming all other factors (platform band processing power disk speeds memory and the page being viewed) to be equal(they should be for fairparison) the factors that determine the browsers speed in terms of what is perceived by the user are 1. The Layout engine engine nEach browser has a layout engine under the hood. For example the different browser engines used in browsers aren WebKit Chrome and Safari Gecko Firefox Trident IE Presto Operan The layout engine is what decides when what part and how HTML tags s 436 1152 master_ s zoomable s SVG files and visual elements are handled. For example IE has limited SVG support while Opera has the best support for interactive SVGs. The apparent differences in HTML5 support are also handled by this part of the browser. That is the reason this same HTML above shows up differently in older browsers like IE8. All the engines listed above are written in C++.n n 2. The JavaScript engine nEvery browser has a JavaScript engine which handles how the user interacts with the visual elements. For example the different JavaScript engines used by browsers are n V8 Chrome SpiderMonkey Firefox NitroSafari Carakan Opera Chakra IE9n The Java script engine processes how a user interacts with the page (everything happening in the background process). It executes all the JavaScript that tags along in the page.n A JavaScript engine affects speeds because n When the user interacts with the page (e.g. presses a button s some in the search bar etc.) the JavaScript engine processes the request and fills the search information back into the box. All AJAX calls jQuery DOM manipulation etc done in programs are also handled by this part of the browser.n The way the JavaScript is handled by each of these engines is different. Due to the javascriptpiler and handling of JSON data. Hence the difference in speed. For example Apple reserves the Nitro javascript engine for Safari alone and other developers are forced to use a different slower engine. This is the reason why Safari will always be the fastest browser in iOS. Some engines like V8 have some critical parts written in assembly and non critical parts in C++. All the other engines are written in C++n n 3. Cachingpression in the cloud nIn scenarios where band is limited the two factors listed above be less important. This is a game changer that makes the other two factors listed above kind of irrelevant (the code to be fetched is slower so they are in wait for the processing to start) up to a certain level. This technology was introduced by Opera - Opera Turbo.n Caching affects speeds because n The page is fetched by a serverpressed in terms of quality and so on to save data transfer. n 4. Local Caching nBrowsers also cache some of the content like scripts frequently accessed pages etc for later use. This leads to faster load times as the content is fetched from the disk instead of over an internet medium. This is the reason go is faster than reload by Kevin Ernest Long user 1427783 5. Plugin management nA typical user opens pages containing RIA (rich internet applications such as Flash Silverlight Java FX Quicktime etc) which handle video audio games etc in the browser. The way that these plugins are handled by the browser window and how it interacts with it are different. Chrome has built in Flash PDF support. The other browsers handle this differently. For example I am currently using Firefox. The process associated with firefox are Plugin management affects speeds because n Not to a large extent but the sluggishness that results when too many of these applications are opened is because of poor plugin management.n n 6. Memory management nEach tab is also to be given equal priority script execution and everything else mentioned above. The memory address of these has to be kept separate so that security breaches do not occur and one tab crashing does not case the browser to crash.n Firefox has 4+ tabs yet runs as a single process with as many threads. IE and Chrome open a separate process for each new tab. This affects the speed of tabs stability and the overall experience for the user.
Which browser works best with Quora?
Case 1 Commonly recognized differences in the performance of the main browsers based on how they work I am copying from one of my earlier answers for this ( Amar Prabhu's answer to What makes one web browser faster than another? answer aid 15123 ). I am also using the current Quora page as an all other factors (platform band processing power disk speeds memory and the page being viewed) to be equal(they should be for fairparison) the factors that determine the browsers speed in terms of what is perceived by the user are 1. The Layout engine engine nEach browser has a layout engine under the hood. For example the different browser engines used in browsers aren WebKit Chrome and Safari Gecko Firefox Trident IE Presto Operan The layout engine is what decides when what part and how HTML tags s 436 1152 nBefore someonements no I am not patient enough to scroll my way down I just wrote a script to do it. I did this on a puny net book with limited band so I say the design is not as resource hungry as you might think. nTo summarize relevance heren In terms of memory plugins and overall handling Firefox and Chrome are equals for overall usage. As I mentioned before even if you scroll to the last answer of power users it is highly unlikely that Firefox is going to have issues. Same can be said for chrome but not other browsers. So it boils down to Firefox again.n n Case 3 Hypothesize based on the two previous data points and some minimal amount of testing (even just a timed personal test is OK here) which browser is best for extended Quora usage No answer to paste from. So the benchmark here is multiple quantifiable factors such as RAM consumption CPU usage tabs opened and youtube objects played. Remember that no of videos doesn't matter at all. Only when you press play a new instance of flash player process gets instantiated. I could give a spread sheet but the numbers are split up and inconclusive. Other than IE (sorry MSFT) all browsers seem to offer something or the other. For example Firefox is something that is an essentail for me. Chrome has inbuilt PDF google sync etc. Safari is slick. Opera has gestures handles well turbo etc. I stick to Firefox on my Xubuntu 7 PC and netbook Safari on my iPad and Dolphin on my Atrix 4. There is no magic silver bullet for everyone ultimately (this is going to be my undoing). However here are my suggestions pick whats best for you Based on platforms n PC(modern processor 4+gig RAM blah blah) Firefox Safarin Netbooks puny desktop configurations Opera Safari Chrome Firefox IEn Android Mobile OperaDolphinChrome (available only for very small segment) (if not using a app which was until a few days ago) iOS - iPads iPhones Safari Dolphin (if not using a app) Based on user behavior n Multiple tab lovers Firefox Safarin Band conscious Opera - turbo enabled Stability desktop Safari Firefox Chrome(flash is the issue) n Stability mobile iOS Safari Dolphin n Stability mobile Android Chrome Dolphin Opera nFor those who insist on a single choice Chrome would be the best pick as of today simply because the adoption rate development pace and overall product is improving at a rate others cant seem to match. Disclaimer Benchmarks are just that -parison within strict boundaries. They are highly biased if not done under proper conditions and this is not a proper bench marking effort. Good Benchmarks take days with average cases and over multiple platforms not an hour on a single platform (which I did). You can read one of my answers on benchmarking bias heren Amar Prabhu's answer to Is the current Google Dalvik VM twice as slow as the Java SE Embedded VM? answer aid 1469597 *- Keith R. Lavimodiere user 84137 suggested that I post some of the stuff from my answers here. So thanks.
Why I love Linux 14 even if I no longer use it?
I love Linux so much I made a list of 5 reasons why I love it so. I can extract something with onemand without opening a separate program. I can update all applications with two magical words apt-get upgrade. Its free as in beer. I can run on pretty much any hardware. Well documented A standard help system that is actually useful (man) Many of the best programs are available for Linux for free. ie. Apache MySQL ProFTPd SSH OpenVPN. You would have to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for Windows programs that aplish the same thing. On top of that you will have to pay for support Linux can be configured to run without a GUI for max performance. This is especially useful for servers. Other operating systems don have this luxury. Many of the programs are configured with a simple config file. This makes editing much easier than navigating through pages and pages of tabs and radio check boxes. You can even structure your config file with your ownments to make editing easier for you. Change something often? Put it near the top. If you switch something on and off often and it is buried behind 9 gui screens it might take you 1 5 times longer to switch it. Linux wont tell me that my automatic updates are turned off every single minute of every day. Linux pretty much forces you to be a non-administrative user. Depending on the distro it is a lot easier to install than Windows. Linuxes with drivers for my onboard Sata where Windows XP does not. With Linux we canpile our own kernel so we don have to a wear a one size fits all hat. You don have to worry about spyware viruses or worms. Even if they were prevalent they couldn be installed unless you did it yourself. You can check your CPU temperature without installing any software. To list the contents of a directory I only have to use two keys instead of three (ls vs. dir). I can build aputer myself and still get a good price on the retail version of Linux (free). Linux tends not to hide details Linuxes with a program that will eject my CD-Rom. Thises in handy when making automated CD backups and other scripts. I can print an entire directory of PDFs with lpr *.PDF . In Windows you would have to open each with Foxit Reader or the bloated Adobe Acrobat. You can choose a filesystem that better fits your needs. With Windows you have two options old out of date crappy NTFS or even more out dated FAT32. It supports more than 3 of ram without updates and hacks. It doesn crash ever Its so reliablepanies have used it as dedicated router firmware. When there is a security exploit I can expect a patch the next day not the second Tuesday of every month. ordered-list
What should you look out for and how to prevent a 'Trojan Horse Email'?
The original Trojan Horse was kind of obvious. Giant wooden horse left outside your gates by people youve been fighting for 1 years. Come on get real. Some of the modern ones are also obvious - Final warning from the IRS when youre not a US citizen. Others are a bit more tricky - Please pay the attached invoice when youre a buyer for a largepany and that your job. If youre an active eBayer and get a message about a package delivery youll probably look at it but you should know what a real FedEx or UPS email looks like. It doesn have an attachment it gives a tracking code. You can go to the tracking website yourself you don have to click the in the email. Most trojan horse attachments are executables - program binaries for Windows or scripts or macros in Word or PDF documents. They may be inside a zip file or protected with a password. There no good reason to send a Windows binary in email. I block them all on principle but many sites don. There little reason to send an editable and active Word document to someone unless you are collaborating on it - send a PDF instead - but that toomon to block. It still suspicious. Why should someone send an invoice as Word ? I could alter it and pay them less. If an attachment content does not match the suffix that suspicious. An invoice should probably be JPEG or PDF or maybe HTML - or not or . The file icon should match. If you don recognize it don open it. Or open it in notepad don just double-click. It fairly easy to recognize JPEG PDF EXE etc. from the first dozen bytes in the file. Putting single files in a Zip file is suspicious - it makes it look like you have something to hide. Password-protected files are suspicious; it a way to evade pattern-based filters like antivirus or anti-spam. If in doubt upload to e.g. VirusTotal without opening. Don rely on desktop or email antivirus - it takes hours or days to recognize new threats. Do not use an administrator account for normal work. Do not click OK without reading. Do not give an administrator password just to read an email. In one case I investigated last year a buyer opened an invoice that was a javascript file. On his Windows system that launched IE even though that was not his default browser which executed an VBscript which downloaded and executed a cryptolocker executable which damaged both his own files and those on a network server. None of these were detected by desktop antivirus or Windows Defender till about 4 days later. Fortunately the network server had backups. Recently Ive been getting reports of a PDF invoice which asks for a password. Inside there just a which downloads a malicious Word document with macros. I don know what would happen if you run the macros or have auto-run enabled; I don have Word. Nothing good I imagine. The macros are obfuscated so I could not easily figure out what they did by looking at them. If you abandon Windows and run Linux for email you be fairly safe. The overwhelming majority of trojans target Windows at least for the actual payload.
How do I edit name in form 16 TDS?
Here your question for editing name in form 16 TDS is not clear i.e. whether you want to change the name of Authorized representative name or Employee name However i am exing details for editing the name of authorities representativemonly known as signing authority) in Form 16 Basically Form 16 is issued by employer to it employee at the end of F.Y. i.e. after filing the TDS Return (Form 24Q-Salary) for the 4th Quarter of any F.Y. for giving the details about the ie paid to him and Tax Deducted at Source if any. Form 16 has two part Part-1 or A is generated from TRACES website after requesting and downloading the the Form 16 employer has to sign the same either Digitally I.E. using Digital Signature Certificate (Commonly known as DSC) or manually I.E. using Pen Here in Part-A the name appears is of authorized representative of organization which you have entered at TRACES website So if you want to change this name you have to follow below mentioned step 1st Log in to TRACES website with your ID Password and TAN 2nd Then click on Profile TAB (at extreme right) 3rd Here it will ask you to entered the details about the last return you have filed (either 24Q 26Q 26QE or 27). Enter details such as Acknowledgment No. of last original return Challan details in that statement or return such as Challan No. Date Amount. BSR Code and then enter the details of any 3 unique PAN and Amount Combination for the above Challan . 4th After you have enter the correct details it will provide you the Unique No. which you can note it down Note this unique No. will be helpful to you if you unfortunately log off out from TRACES website then you have only enter the unique No. instead of All the Acknowledgment Challan Detailsetc.(also these applies only for the Form Type and F.Y. and Quarter details entered above and not for every quarter or any quarter.) 5th After this the profile tab will open here you can edit the representative details and you can enter the name which you wants to see for representatives name Note Here you don have to enter NAME & all you only have to enter the PAN and Date of Birth and then NAME and Father NAME will be automatically filed 6th After changing the the NAME of representative then again request for FORM 16 for the required F.Y. and here also enter the details about the Acknowledgement No. of 4th quarter of requested F.Y. Challan detailsetc. 7th After sending request you can check it status at Downloads TAB Requested Download view all. Here now the status will show submitted. Check after 3 hours or after one Day the status will show Available 8th Now Download this it will be in zip file 9th Also download the TRACES utility for converting the this zip file into PDF file 1th After downloading the utility run the same and browse zip file and then click on convert 11th Now issue this Form 16 to your employees And Part-B of Form 16 - You have to prepare by your own with details about the salary allowances perks(perquisites) terminal or retirement benefits if any along with details of deduction applicable under various sections of Chapter-VI of Ie Tax Act like Section 8C CCD1 CCD2 D. DD. DDD G TTA Uetc with tax is to be deducted from salary. Basically it is Computation of Ie of Employee Normally employee prepare his Computation of Ie and calculates the amount of Tax is to be deducted from his salary and submit it to employer as Declaration of Ie around Oct- JAN every year. I hope you had got this however if you still have any query you can ask same.
How do I print my BSNL Payslip from BSNL ERP Portal?
Download BSNL Salary Slip in HRMS login at s How to Print or Download BSNL Salary Slip at SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java Print or Download BSNL Payslip in 1 minute. Just download or print the required BSNL Salary Slip in online and check the pay ie tax details of the working employee for old or current month ie and deductions Open Google Chrome IE browser and login to BSNL SAP ESS portal for BSNL employee HRMS login Enter the website SAP NetWeaver Portal and hit enter Submit BSNL HRMS number by ignoring 1st digit Enter 8 digit HR number instead of 9 digit Enter login password and hit submit Submit your generated password to login to BSNL ERP SAP network portal. Click on Employee Self Service Get all the options to do the self care activities of BSNL employee in HRMS portal. Click Pay Information Available in Overview of Employee Self Service or in Pay Information Hit Salary Statement A new popup will display with a name Paycheck Inquiry Service is displayed with current month payslip. Download or Print the BSNL payslip Select your required option to get your BSNL salary statement. Click Previous Salary Statement Go to this if required old month payslips How many times can i download my payslip from BSNL ERP portal There is no limit for downloading or to print the salary slip of employee s on login to BSNL SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java . Is there any alternate channel to download the BSNL salary slip? If you submitted your email address in your BSNL ESS portal login account then you will get the salary slip every month as PDF document to the registered eMail address. Any password required to open BSNL payslip available in email? No password is not required to open the PDF document (BSNL pay slip) just open your respective email and take a print. Can I access BSNL ERP portal from anywhere to see the salary details? Yes every employee of BSNL can access their ERP ESS Account (HRMS login) through internet and intranet (only in organization premises) available.
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