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Open PDF In New Tab Instead Of Download Firefox: What You Should Know

Then in the new tab, click the arrow at the right of the link to save the current page to the specified folder (or download PDF). The PDF will automatically open in the new tab. In the same way, opening PDFs in new tab will allow me to save and close my current page without using the save button. Thanks for posting this helpful tip; I was using the same method, and now it works! Mar 28, 2024 — In some websites, the default PDF links may open in a new Firefox tab when clicked with no option to save current page. I don't know how to use this for webpages, but for e-books or other websites with custom PDF links, it would be nice if it was possible to load the file in a new tab, so the browser could save the current page to the default PDF folder. I have already tried many other methods, but these two seem to work for me and I can even save the PDF as a .zip (or .rar, .go). I haven't noticed any performance or download related issues with this method. Thanks so much for your work! Nov 25, 2024 – 1 Answer If you have already made any changes to the Firefox browser files, you may have to re-enable that permission for Firefox. Here is the link to Firefox's help : In Firefox, go to Options — File manager — Options… — Advanced — Security — Edit and click the permission menu Click the + button and enter “Read” for 'read other files.' Then click OK This opens up the Permissions dialog and asks you if Read and Execute permission is granted, and you answer yes by clicking OK. Firefox is now installed with this permission selected. Here are a few other ways to open PDFs for Firefox : You can open a PDF page from the address bar The PDF can be placed in the downloads' folder In the address bar of Firefox, enter:  (with a period) When you see this message, click OK You can copy the address from the address bar into the address bar of any other browser window. Open the PDF on the desktop You can simply run the PDF from the desktop In the address bar of Firefox, enter:  (with a period) When you see this message, click Accept You can use Alt + S to save the PDF to the Downloads folder.

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