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How To Download File From Protected Website: What You Should Know

Zip file or .zip.web archive file. This is a brief overview of a couple of methods for downloading website files. The above methods will download any file on any website that you can reach using your web browser and that has a.web archive or .zip extension. For example, for this site, if you access that page:, this technique can be used: Click on the “Save” icon in the upper right. A browser icon will change to indicate the download is complete. The webpage will reload and show the “Saved.” or “Saved with” link at the top. For these files, if you want you can go to the “.archive” directory and extract them to your desktop or your Downloads folder via Windows Explorer. However, for sites with .mp3,.m4a,.m4b, etc extensions, you'll need to download the files to your computer and store them on a flash drive and/or server. Downloading the files: Method 1: Using a web browser To download these files, go to a web-based link and save the file to your Downloads folder. For example, this is the path: C:\Users\user\Downloads\\ If you're using Firefox, just click in the window that appears and choose “save as”. Alternatively, click on Add or Save Folder at the top of the Firefox window and choose “save to disk”. For more info on how to move files around your computer, check this post. Download the “Downloads”-folder. When you download the folder, just click on the download button. Method 2: Using a file manager/extractor/file manager To download the files, go to the.web archive or .zip file folder on your computer and extract the files to the Desktop, or as described above, to the Downloads' folder on your computer. For example, this is the path: C:\Users\user\Downloads\\ This is the same folder where you save the files to when you downloaded the .zip folder earlier. For more info on how to move files around your computer, check this post. How To Download and Unzip Protected Files and Directories: The best approach for this is using a file manager, as the files can't be uploaded to a server.

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