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Adobe Reader 11 Download: What You Should Know

Learn more about PDF Reader and access the new features that are available in Adobe Reader XI.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing adobe reader 11 download


How do I install Adobe Reader on Ubuntu using the Wine software?
In June 216 installing throw wine worked for me Go to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC s select Windows 7 as OS then select your language and then select the version - Reader at this time. Open a terminal window and run thismands winetricks atmlib nwinetricks riched2 nwinetricks wsh57 nwinetricks mspatcha Open the downloaded file using wine go throw the install process until you get to the Setup Completed window. Youll see an error message DONT CLICK FINISH YET! Make a backup of ~ Files (x86) 11. code now you can click Finish on the Setup Completed window. Copy and paste the backed up folder. Now if you go into the pasted folder open the Reader folder youll find a file run that file with wine and it will open Adobe Reader. Adobe will ask to start with protected mode disabled select that. First time you run it it will as you to accept TOS. That about it enjoy. Info found here WineHQ - Adobe Reader 11.x s
What are some Windows softwares you always install just after a format?
VLC Media Playern Notepad++n
What are some mandatory softwares for a new PC?
Good question ) Antivirus I will rmend you to buy these anti-virus Bit Defender Kaspersky Norton Internet Security AVG Antiivrus Aviara Media Player 3. Registry Cleaners up Utilities 4. Image Burner(Nero) 5. Firefox and Google Chrome 6. MS Office Open Office 7. Adobe Reader 8. 7 Zip 9. Internet Download Manager 1. Utorrent -) Photoshop 12. Adobe Flash Player 13. Malware Bytes 14. Notepad++ 15. Folder Lock (For your safety purpose) 16. Winrar Hope These software satisfy for a PC P
What is some free good software to download on your laptop? My specifications are: Win7 & 32bit OS AMD processor HP laptop.
Here are some of the open-source and free software that I use 1) Libre Office - To take care of all your Microsoft Office suite s s 2) Mozilla Thunderbird - You can use it to replace Microsoft Outlook. It's a email newsgroup newsfeed and chat client which can help you manage multiple mailgroups and newsgroups with the added functinality of keeping a number of identities in a single email s s 3) Daum Pot Player - It's a video player with a much better looking interface than VLC and it can easily take care of all s of video and audio file formats. There's also a number of keyboard shortcuts as an added 4) Music Bee - An open source music player that has an interface that resembles itunes and has great playlist 5) Mini Lyrics - A free software which displays lyrics of the song that you are currently playing which works well with VLC and Music Bee. The lyrics can be saved in your hard disk I will add the download s to all these software later and would keep on adding more. And please try to donate to the developers of these software if you love their work. This will help them in developing more such awesome softwares. Cheers! Editn6) Notepad++ It is a free source editor for all your coding needs which supports various programming languages including C C++ Java XML HTML PHP etc. It provides a clean interface with great added 7) Audacity It is a free and very easy to use audio editor and recorder. You can use it to record live audio or convert tapes and records to a digital format or create mix
What is the most downloaded app on Android Market?
AppLock Most downloaded app lock in Play Store. Protect privacy with password pattern fingerprint lock. Supports intruder selfie incognito browser and multiple Facebook Google+ Twitter Linkedin accounts #1 App lock in over 5 Over 3 Million users supports 32 AppLock can lock Facebook Whatsapp Gallery Messenger Snapchat Instagram SMS Contacts Gmail Settings iing calls and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy. Ensure AppLock can hide pictures and videos. Hidden pictures and videos are vanished from Gallery and only visible in the photo and video vault. Protect private memories easily. No pin no has random keyboard and invisible pattern lock. No more worry people may peep the pin or pattern. More safe!u265 With AppLock you willnNever worry about parents check your Snapchat !nNever worry about friends borrow your phone to play games with mobile data again!nNever worry about a workmate gets your phone to look the gallery again!nNever worry about someone reads private data in your apps again!nNever worry about kids mess up Settings send wrong messages paying games again!Get your hidden gallery secret browser private SNS with AppLock!---Features---nu222 Lock apps with password pattern or fingerprint Vault hide pictures and videosnu222 Well-designed Themes nu222 Incognito browser no history recordnu222 Private SNS log in multiple accounts only accessible inside AppLcoknu222 Intruder Selfie take photos of Customized background select a favorite picturenu222 Customized Profiles set different locked app groups change lock quicklynu222 Time Lock auto-lock according to timenu222 Location Lock auto-lock according to locationnu222 Hide AppLock iconnu222 Advanced Protection prevent AppLock being killed by task killernu222 Random keyboard prevent people peeping pin codenu222 Fingerprintu31Force stopped covernu222 Lock switch (WiFi Bluetooth mobile data sync)nu222 AppLock widget enable AppLock with one tapnu222 Quick lock switch Lock in notification barnu222 Lock iing callsnu222 Lock system settings to prevent a mess by kidsnu222 Lock Google Play to prevent buy gamesnu222 Allow a brief exit no need password pattern fingerprint again within set timenu222 Prevent uninstalling appsnu222 Low memory Power saving mode to save battery AppLock - Apps on Google Play s Check out my other answers Lucy Li's answer to What are the best privacy Apps for Android? answer aid 796577 Lucy Li's answer to What are some of the best open source Android apps? answer aid 7965547 Lucy Li's answer to What are some must have Android apps? answer aid 7964992
What is the most downloaded Android App ever?
Are you using the App Lock or Gallery Vault applications to lock your private apps photos and videos? Is your friends family and colleagues finding your locked apps or Gallery Vault PIN or Pattern by looking over your shoulder? Are you tired of changing your PIN and Pattern very often? Here we introduce our App Lock to solve all your hassles - App Lock - Android Apps on Google Play s . Unlike other App Lock applications Our App Lock application provides two more unique lock options called TimePIN and DatePIN along with the traditional PIN Pattern and FingerPrint based lock options. 1. TimePin Lock Unlike the ordinary PIN option if you choose TimePin lock in our App Lock your lock screen password will be changing every minute to the current time in your mobile. So your lock screen password will be changing automatically to the current time on every minute and you need not remember anything to recollect the password. Just look at time in the notification bar and enter it. Still don get it? Lets say you have selected TimePin option and locked WhatsApp application. You try to open the WhatsApp at 1115 PM the lock screen will show up before the Whatsapp and ask for the PIN to unlock it. The PIN will be 1115 which is the current time your mobile. If you try to open WhatsApp on 112 the PIN by that time will be 112. 2. DatePin Lock DatePin lock is similar to TimePin whereas the PIN will be changing to current date in the mobile instead of the current time. So your PIN will be changing every day automatically to the current date. Lets say the current date is 31-7-216 (dd format) so your locked apps PIN will be 317 (dd). 3. Modifier Options If someone among your friends knows about this app don worry. You can make use of the Modifier options available inside the App Lock settings. Reverse Modifier will make the reverse of the current time as your lock screen PIN where as Offset Modifier will add the value which was provided by you to the time or date. So you can create your custom dynamic PIN based on the current time or date with these . 3. Last Opened Time While you unlock every locked app the App Lock will show you the last opened time of the application. So you can easily check whether someone else accessed your private apps without your knowledge or not. You can also check the last opened time of each app inside the App Lock application. 4. Intruder Detection When some one tries to access your locked apps or locked vault photos with wrong PIN or Pattern the App Lock will take photo using the front camera and notify with the photo while you unlock a locked application. 5. Photo and Video Vault You can add your private photos and videos inside our App Lock's Photo and Video Vault. Once you have added the photos and videos to the App Lock's vault those photos and videos won't be visible at any other places like Gallery or File Manager in your mobile apart from the App Lock. You have to open the vault inside the App Lock to access your vault contents. 6. There is also an option to put the photos and videos to App Lock vault using the share option from the Gallery. You can simply select the photos and click share option. Among the suggested apps you can simply click the App Lock and put the selected photos and videos to the secure vault. If your mobile has fingerprint sensor you can simply use the fingerprint sensor without entering the PIN or Pattern in the lock screen. Along with these great features our App Lock provides lot more cool features in its settings. If you concern about your private apps photos and videos then this app is a must have app in your mobile. You can click here to download App Lock from Google Play s !
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