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Themencode PDF Viewer: What You Should Know

PDF Viewer for WordPress is a WordPress plugins that lets you view and edit PDFs on a WordPress website. It works directly with your WordPress installation. And, for those who need to use it on their websites without WordPress, it supports any website (without any custom coded code).  When do I need PDF Viewer for WordPress? You need PDF Viewer for WordPress for the following scenarios: You need the same effect that you see in any other plugin for viewing PDFs. You want to insert a PDF file directly on your website, instead of accessing the file via another plugin. Furthermore, you want to be able to view your own custom files (PDF Files) on your website, from your WordPress installation. Furthermore, you want to use custom code from another plugin (like PHP or CSS) in order to add your own special effects (as long as they are supported by the PHP or CSS plugins). Furthermore, you want to use it in order to edit PDF files, and the PDF Reader plugin only allows you to view them in a non-interactive mode. Furthermore, you want to use the PDF Reader plugin in order to view PDF files with a basic, plain view (that's the PDF Reader mode). PDF Viewer for WordPress does all the above. What about PDF Viewer for WP? The only difference is that PDF Viewer for WP uses a different plugin name. So, you cannot get the same effect that you see in many plugins for viewing PDF files. This plugin also adds more functionality — it allows for reading of any PDF files in any format, and it also allows you to edit the contents of a PDF.

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