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What are good embeddable PDF viewers for web applications?
One of the things about documents is that there is just a lack of metrics to understand what is happening with the document. So from an I need to understand how my documents are engaged with perspective I suggest trying out HelpRange s . First of all the document viewer ispletely customizable. So you can create it to look like your brand with logo and color sets. There is also the ability to add a 3rd party widget into the document view so for example if you share an ebook or proposal you can use live chat to help answer any immediate questions. There also the added analytics which includes page views time spent on a page engagement scoring and a document heat map. That right you can now see exactly how people are engaging on a sentence by sentence basis.
Aside from E-Junkie, which e-commerce/digital delivery/embeddable shopping cart providers offer PDF stamping?
Digital deliverypany SendOwl offers PDF stamping. The default is to include the buyer name email address and order ID (and theyll do this 3 you don't have to input data manually). However you can choose what information about your buyer that you wish to include. You can choose how you style this buyer information 3 font font size font colour and so on 3 to make sure that it matches the style of your PDF. PDFs are also encrypted and a random password added once stamping isplete for extra protection against copying. This won't affect how your PDF looks or the reader experience. They currently only offer PDF stamping although are looking into stamping for other content such as epubs. More here PDF stamping for ebook security updated May 217 Deter would-be copiers without penalising your loyal customers s
Is there an embeddable widget I can use to collect the email addresses of people who download a PDF from my site?
This is a good idea for a widget and we'll build it for our start-up Blogvio so you can customize it's colors and preferences and also it in your website. We're still in private beta but we offer widgets for video audio images and general (as your example).
Is there a widget that allows you to preview a file from a link through embeding?
Yes of course you can preview file from a through ding. if you want to you for pdf try with pdf der plugin ( PDF Embedder s ). i have done it in 17 FORD MUSTANG V6 COUPE | Whiteoak Ford s But if you want to almost all files then you can use Embed Any Document s plugin if you are using wordpress if you are not using wordpress you can find related javascript or jQuery file or else you can download these plugins and get the code there.
Are there any good Wordpress plugins for displaying pdfs?
Sure there is .. PDF Embedder s Best of luck
What free Wordpress theme can I use to present a handbook with chapters and many pages?
Most people don it this way. It just not amon practice. The moremon approach is blog posts and whitepapers Search has be so good that chapters and pages don really make sense in the current ecosystem. Write a blogpost about what you want to say. Keep it concise. Write a lot of posts that are 3535 words. You should able to crank one out every day if you make it part of your routine. Then do a big post requiring more research and thought as often as you can. Once you have enough enough content you can turn it into an ebook. Work with a graphic designer to make it look good ($2+). Then make a landing page and require a contact form submission to download. The default template from Wordpress is sufficient for blog posting. After you build your audience are ready to do some inbound marketing serve your ebook etc then start looking at a paid template.