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Hoops Tech Soft: What You Should Know

X support. HOOPS 3D — YouTube HOOPS3D is a 3D CAD library developed for the Hops Platform. With the latest news of the new HOPS platform HOPS Visualize is a must-try. HOOPS Visualize — HOOPS Visualize is a high-performance engineering-focused graphics library for rendering 3D CAD models on desktop, mobile and AR/VR devices. Hardware accelerated rendering for mobile. Layer Layers is a collection of libraries. It allows the creation of complex graphics and animations on the web that would otherwise be extremely hard to render. Layer comes with a JavaScript API and a C++ one. The API is fairly standard and offers several types of data types and objects. Layers Library — GitHub Layers was created to solve the rendering problems of real-time rendering on the web. It allows developers to easily build games, and other interactive experiences, in which many objects, animations, and complex animations will exist on a single WebGL canvas. Live Visualization — YouTube Live Visualization is a WebGL project made by Techsoft3d. There is nothing that a JavaScript engine, as well as a 3D engine, can't do, and LVOV is a big step in that direction. This is not an official demo, but as it is on Techsoft3d's GitHub, we are putting this on, just for you. Check out this demo, or follow the demo on Techsoft3d. They do have some free open source 3D engines on GitHub as well. Live Visualization — Live Visualization is an open-source 3D engine built with HTML5, CSS3, and WebGL. It is an OpenGL-based WebGL renderer and offers a variety of effects for rendering 3D textures, images, and animations as 2D pixels. Luminary — Google Maps Luminary provides an easy integration of Layers on the Google Maps API Platform. The integration allows your 3D graphics to be displayed on the map in 3D with the added benefit of displaying a live preview. Luminary Library — GitHub Luminary provides an easy interface to integrate layers onto the Google Maps API platform. It is a layer library, not an HSL compiler.

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