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What are the best pratices for learn PHP from scratch?
Start with W3Schools Online Web Tutorials that website start from very basic and have given example also which you can run and get an idea what exactly is happening. Along with that afterpletion of basic test you skills on other websites like CodePen Learn to code by doing | Code School Udacity - Free Online Classes & Nanodegrees etc you that how you will get more exposer. Here is more detailed list The Top 1 Websites to Learn PHP 1. PHP Manual This is the official manual for the PHP language . It is aprehensive ge on PHP and covers everything from basicmands and their usage to overall security and functions. If you need to know something nay anything about PHP youll find it here. It not exactly the most user-friendly or attractive ge out there but it is arguably one of the best. Plus the simple structure and layout makes it remarkably accessible via mobile devices so you can read a lot of the content while youre on-the-go. Price Free 2. PHP Tutorial by Tizag This resource is ideal as PHP reference material and largely focuses on the definition of PHPmands and methods for using them. In that respect it not what youll want to turn to when ites to actually applying thosemands or using them in the real-world. Instead it serves as a direct reference similar to a book. Keep it bookmarked though because you will eventually need it especially when you dive into practical coding. Price Free 3. PHP 11 As the name implies PHP 11 is designed with the absolute beginner in mind. If youre just starting out with PHP and you prefer to learn by example this is a great place to go. The site offers a series of entertaining and useful tutorials written by none other than Vikram Vaswani founder and CEO of Melonfire. The content is clear concise and extremely easy to understand especially for coding newbies. Once youplete the entire tutorial youll move on to creating a simple RSS news aggregator via PHP. The only downside to this site is that there aren many screenshots to reference so youll have to learn the appearance of PHP code all by your lonesome which isn necessarily a deal breaker. Price Free 4. Hacking With PHP (Formerly Practical PHP Programming) This ge is separated into chapters with each breaking down a different topic or element pertaining to PHP. An overview of the language leads the way providing you with a brief introduction to the field and then it closes out nicely with some practice exercises and additional s to resources. As the name explicitly states this is a great reference for those who prefer lessons that adopt a more practical approach. Price Free 5. Killer PHP This is one of those eccentric wildcards that actually turns out to be remarkably useful. Why is it eccentric or strange? Well unlike most of the other tutorials here you jump right in and start playing around with PHP. It a hands-on tutorial that doesn mess about. You get in learn usable PHP skills as quickly as possible and then get out. That it. As an aside there areplimentary videos that cover each section of the tutorial although theyre not what you could call a high caliber. That is don go into Killer PHP specifically for the videos theyre not anything special. Price Free 6. The Learn PHP Tutorial The Learn PHP Tutorial is essentially a list of downloadable videos that walk you through the basics of PHP. It great for beginners and offers a more visual ge. Youll not only learn PHP but youll also learn what you can do with it through examples and best practices. Price Free 7. PHP Tutorial by W3schools This ge is similar to the tutorial by Tizag above. In fact the style and presentation are almost identical. Tizag tutorial covers a lot more ground although that doesn mean W3schools content isn worth checking out. Once again it should be used as a reference as opposed to a step-by-step tutorial or ge. Price Free but if you want a certification from W3schools that costs $95. 8. PHP with MySQL Essential Training by Kevin Skoglund This is actually a course that offers about 11 hours of training. If you don have an active subscription to Lynda you can sign-up for a 7-day free trial which is plenty of time toplete the course. Why did it make the list? The teacher does a great job of exing PHP programming in layman terms making this course ideal for newbies. Price After a 7-day free trial access to this course ranges from $ to $ depending upon the kind of access you want to the course (such as offline access). 9. Getting Started with PHP by Randy Hoyt Treehouse is one of our favorite online coding schools which exs why this lesson made the list . It actually walks you through the process of using PHP to build an merce store. Youre not just learning the necessary elementsmands and steps youre putting them to good use. Price After a 14-day free trial Treehouse starts at $25 1. PHPBuddy PHPBuddy contains a smattering of online tutorials lessons and articles on programming with PHP. It quite -heavy and there are limited videos screenshots and media available. Don let that scare you away though it still a worthy reference. Price Free Other Helpful Online PHP Resources 11. PHP and MySQL Back in the day was a great place to go for reference material for anything. It still a great place to go for select topics like PHP. There are quite a few specific tutorials that teach you how to use PHP to do things like functions loops generate forms call upon simple math functions use time and calendars redirect URLs and pages and enable countdowns. Price Free 12. 1Keydata If youre looking for basic tutorials that cover nearly every topic about PHP then 1Keydata is the place to go . It offers a series of -based tutorials and ges on MySQL and PHP. Youll learn basicmands string functions syntax and more. Price Free 13. GoodPHPTutorials This site is a simple RSS news aggregator for PHP tutorials and references. It great if youre looking for something in particular or if you just want to see timely content. Price Free 14. SitePoint PHP SitePoint takes a more modern approach with their ges and tutorials which are offered in an article-like format. It great for any skill level but intermediate and expert coders will find is useful for staying up-to-date with current PHP trends. Price Free 15. PHP The Right Way This site is dedicated to PHP coding the right way as advertised. Outdated information can often cause issues and propagate bad practices while coding particularly with new coders. Youll find extensive tutorials on various PHP topics and plenty of references to other good practice tutorials and sites. Price Free 16. PEAR Pear is actually a framework and distribution system for existing PHP code andponents. In other words depending on what you need you might be able to find pre-existingponents to use or even learn with. Price Free 17. PHP Cheatsheets This is a reference for intermediate to advanced coders that might need help with variableparisons arithmetics and variable testing throughout various versions of PHP. If you have no idea what any of that means you be better off starting with a beginners ge or basic coding tutorials. Price Free 18. PHP Academy (YouTube) If youre more of a visual learner and prefer to see the code and how PHP works then the PHP Academy YouTube channel s is right up your alley. There are hundreds of tutorials spanning years of lessons. New content is added weekly if not daily and it covers a wide range of PHP-related topics. It great if youre looking for something specific like how to utilize PHP to create a user registrations and login system or setup PHP authentication. Price Free 19. PHP Training on Tuts Plus Like Lynda Online Courses Class Training Tutorials or Treehouse Tuts Plus is a site dedicated to online coding lessons. The PHP Training section covers a wide variety of topics with course levels ranging all the way from beginner to expert. Lessons for Tuts Plus also tend to be more specific with topics like WordPress plugin development creating a PHP Womerce theme and setting up an automated testing network through PHP. Price Ranges from $15 for monthly access to $36 annually for pro access. Student discounts are available. 2. Learn-PHP Interactive Tutorial The Learn-PHP interactive tutorial will walk you through PHP development. The site is still under construction which means some of the later tutorials are still being revamped and new stuff has yet to be added. It still a great site for beginner to intermediate PHP coders. Price Free 21. PHP Freaks This site is great for any skill level and includes over 4 snippets of usable code that you can either use with existing projects or study to learn PHP. It not exactly the most user-friendly site nor is the design attractive but that doesn matter when ites to learning the techniques presented. Give it a try you might be surprised at what you find on the PHP Freaks site . Price Free 22. PHPVideoTutorials This site offers a handful of PHP-related video tutorials that range from about 6 minutes to 22 minutes long depending on the lesson. When used inbination with any number of the other sites found here it could be considered invaluable to learning PHP. However on its own it rather weak. Price Free 23. After Hours Programming PHP Tutorial After Hours offers a basic and extremely simple look at coding with PHP through -based tutorials. Beginners only. Price Free 24. Develop PHP The Develop PHP website s offers a great deal of video tutorials related to PHP from beginner to intermediate levels. The videos are actually hosted via YouTube and on the site but the website provides a much easier way and more organized way to pull up the different courses. Price Free 25. Free tutorials on HTML CSS and PHP PHP Tutorial Thisprehensive PHP tutorial for beginners will introduce you to manymon practices used during PHP development. The PHP tutorial is actually the third of four different tutorials including HTML CSS PHP and JavaScript. You don necessarily have to follow the natural order which calls for learning HTML and CSS before PHP though it may be beneficial to do so. Price Free 26. Home and Learn Beginners PHP Once again the Home and Learn PHP tutorial is designed specifically for beginner coders and starts by introducing you to the basics. The lessons include an introduction to PHP working with variables conditional logic HTML forms programming loops and finally arrays. Price Free 27. Bento PHP Resources Similar to Treehouse Lynda or Code School Bento is an online coders library. Their specialized PHP resources s will take you through easy medium and hard tutorials ranging from beginner to expert coding levels. Price Free 28. The PHP Basics As the name of the site implies the PHP Basics tutorial will walk you through all the beginner to intermediate elements of PHP coding. There also an extremely useful Q&A forum of sorts that you can use when you run into problems of your own during exercises. Price Free 29. TheNewBoston PHP video tutorials This website has a ton of PHP-related video tutorials s . Once youre done with the basic and introductory lessons you can move on to more advanced stuff like PHP with MySQL creating a CMS and much more. Even if youre an expert there might be something for you here. Price Free 3. PHP Tutorial for Beginners by WebMonkey Once again this is a basic tutorials website for those new to the world of PHP coding. Most of the tutorials are -based and there isn much media. However there are plenty of code snippets that you can use during personal exercises. Price Free 31. PHP 5 Power Programming PHP 5 Power Programming is actually an eBook 3 or eTextbook for PHP beginners that you can downloadpletely free. It not a beginner book at all and certainly requires prior coding knowledge. It would be best suited for intermediate to advanced programmers. To download the book select the Downloads tab and you should see two options one to download as a zip file and the other to download as a PDF. You do not have to pay for the eBook version it only the print version that costs money. Price free for eBook version 32. Wikibooks PHP Programming Ge Similar to Wikipedia Wikibooks has an open crowdsourced approach to knowledge distribution. The PHP programming ges are remarkablyprehensive and cover a wide variety of topics from beginner to intermediate levels. If youre a more advanced coder or you want to learn how to do something specific like create a CMS with PHP you might want to look elsewhere. Price Free 33. Tutorialzine PHP Ges If you already know the basics and you understand PHP yet want to know how to do something specific then Tutorialzine is the place to go . You can learn how to make things with PHP and jQuery like a shoutbox file browser registration system CMS and much more. Price Free 34. Video PHP Blog The resource we have ed called Diving into PHP was actually created by Jeffrey Way from Theme Forest. All of the episodes have been on the Video PHP Blog website . Why does this matter you ask? Well because if youre a beginner to intermediate coder you can follow the Diving into PHP lessons. If youre a more advanced coder you can visit the other areas of the Video PHP Blog website where youll find plenty of additional resources. Price Free 35. CSS-Tricks This site is actually primarily dedicated to CSS HTML and WordPress oriented coding. It does have a useful PHP section s which is what were including here. You will need prior experience to work with a lot of the concepts discussed so intermediate to advanced PHP coding skills are ideal. Price Freemium code tutorials free to access but moreprehensive videos available to subscribers (starting $12.) 36. Microsoft Azure PHP Tutorials and Documentation Microsoft Azure is the tech giant answer to cloudputing. Most of the PHP tutorials and documentation you will find on the site are related to Azure but there are some gems hidden in there. If you work with Azure this is the place to go. It not an ideal resource for newbies so keep that in mind. Price Free 37. Webucator Free PHP Tutorial If you have the cash Webucator offers a 4-day $15+ introductory course on PHP. However you don need to enroll to take advantage of their free PHP tutorial s . Most of the elements discussed are pretty basic so intermediate to advanced coders won find much interesting. On the other hand beginners should find a lot of great material. Price Freemium 3 if you want moreprehensive learning prices range from $199.8 to $158 38. MPSoftware Much like were doing here MPSoftware haspiled a list of useful PHP tutorials ges and lessons. You won find much that we haven covered already but it still worth checking out. Price Free 39. Freewebmasterhelp PHP and MySQL Tutorial This site offers a prehensive introduction to PHP and MySQL and takes you through the first stages of working with the language. It great for beginners but there are no images or videos it strictly -based. If that not an issue for you then check it out. Price Free 4. PHP Everyday Instead of offering aprehensive tutorial and ge database this site operates more like a traditional blog . However nearly everything is related to working with PHP. There are more traditional tutorials if you need them. Price Free 41. The Site Wizard Writing PHP Ges Through the Site Wizard you can learn a great deal of basic to intermediate PHP coding concepts. The lessons are bland yet easy to follow. Price Free 42. PHP Jabbers The site is kind of a hidden gem for intermediate to advanced PHP coders. There are a lot of specialized ges on offer here ranging from creating a PHP calendar to setting up a custom captcha system. Price Free 43. HScripts If you prefer to learn by studying real-world examples then look no further. HScripts offers a huge list of PHP coding examples s that you can pour through one-by-one. Due to the nature of the site it best left to coders with prior experience. Beginners would have a tough time sorting through the various functionsmands and elements. Price Free 44. TutorialsPoint PHP Like many of the sites on this list TutorialsPoint has an entire section dedicated to PHP programming with lessons that range from beginner to intermediate course levels. There even a free eBook on offer that you can download as a PDF file. Price Free 45. Webassist Unlike many of the other resources listed here Webassist is a premium portal . You can search for PHP-related ges through the internal search feature. Youll be able to browse all the available tutorials and see the first section of each ge for free. After that youll need to login forplete access. Price Freemium 46. PHP for Kids This resource is pretty self-explanatory. It a series of PHP tutorials and ges for children. Don be fooled it a great resource for coding newbies of any age. Price Free 47. FreeBookCentre PHP Books FreeBookCentre offers a huge library of free eBooks. Naturally the PHP section has a decent selection of ges books and more. Most of them are offered in the PDF file format. Price Free 48. Sourcecodester This is another great programming and development blog that covers a variety of topics. Of course the most relevant are the PHP-based ges . The content is ideal for intermediate to advanced PHP coders. Beginners need not apply. Price Free 49. SiteGround PHP and MySQL Tutorial This free online ge s starts with simple topics like what is PHP and then moves on to working with MySQL. Price Free 5. LateralCode Unfortunately this blog hasn been updated in a while since 211 but it still a decent resource. Most of the PHP tutorials and ges youll find on the site are for more advanced projects.
What are the best free online educational resources for 5th grade students from India?
Free Books and Reading Rmendations LibraryThing 3 LibraryThing connects you to other people who are reading what youre reading and allows you to see which books are popular in various categories of reading. Textbook Revolution 3 Links to free online books and other educational materials. Book TV 3 This is thepanion site to Book TV on C-Span2. The site holds some current interviews with authors many past interviews opinions reviews and featured programs through online video. Bookboon 3 Bookboon provides online books for students in PDF format. The free ebooks can be downloaded without registration. Our books are legal and written exclusively for Bookboon. They are financed by a few in-book ads. Scribd 3 Scribd the online document sharing site which supports Word Excel PowerPoint PDF and other popular formats. You can download a document or it in your blog or web page. BookYards 3 BookYards is a web portal in which books education materials information and content will be freely to anyone who has an internet connection. Planet eBook 3 Free classic literature to download and share. E-Books Directory 3 Thousands of ebooks on various subjects to download and share. Read Print Library 3 Free online books library for students teachers and the classic enthusiast. GoodReads 3 Get great book rmendations and keep track of what you want to read. The Online Books Page 3 University of Pennsylvania database with over 3 books. nEnglish and Communications Open Yale Courses (English) 3 Open Yale Courses provides lectures and other materials from selected Yale College courses to the public free of charge via the internet. Writing Gelines for Engineering and Science Students 3 These gelines for engineering writing and scientific writing are designed to help studentsmunicate their technical work. MIT Writing and Humanistic Studies 3 The MIT Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies gives students the opportunity to learn the techniques forms and traditions of several kinds of writing from basic expository prose to more advanced forms of non-fictional prose fiction and poetry science writing scientific and technicalmunication and digital media. Merriam-Webster Online 3 In this digital age your ability tomunicate with written English is paramount skill. And Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster Online is the perfect resource to improve your English now. National Novel Writing Month 3 Valuing enthusiasm and perseverance over painstaking craft NaNoWriMo is a novel-writing program for everyone who has thought fleetingly about writing a novel but has been scared away by the time and effort involved. Lifewriting 3 Aplete of the 9-week writing class a professor taught for years at UCLA. Ge to Grammar and Writing 3 Grammar and writing techniques lessons and quizzes. Purdue Online Writing Lab 3 Over 2 free resources including lessons on writing research grammar and style ges. Computer Science and Engineering (Computer Science) 3 A free and open access educational video lectures repository. The lectures are given by distinguished scholars and scientists at the most important and prominent events like conferences summer schools workshops and science promotional events from many fields of Science. Wikiversity School of Computer Science and Technology 3 Wikiversity is a Wikimedia Foundation project devoted to learning resources learning projects and research for use in all levels s and styles of education from pre-school to university including professional training and informal learning. New York State University (US) Computer Science 3 Hundreds of lectures tutorials and s to educational material. Tutorials 3 Lots ofputer programming tutorials. MIT OpenCourseWare (Engineering and Computer Science) #electrical-engineering-andputer-science 3 MIT OpenCourseWare is a free web-based publication of MIT course materials that reflects almost all the undergraduate and graduate subjects taught at MIT. Maine University (US) Fogler Ge to Computer Science 3 An insanely detailed list ofputer science resources. 3 Freeputer mathematics technical books and lecture notes. Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies 3 A massive collection of bibliographies of scientific literature inputer science updated weekly from original locations more than 3 millions of references (mostly to journal articles conference papers and technical reports) clustered in about 2 bibliographies. W3Schools 3 Web-building tutorials from basic HTML and XHTML to advanced XML SQL Database Multimedia and WAP.
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