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Nodejs PDF Viewer: What You Should Know

It enables people of all skillets to create rich applications. With a lightweight, open-source framework that is simple to learn and use and provides support for HTML5, XHTML, SVG, and PDF, PDF.js provides the necessary tools and features to build applications designed for the web. The node-pdfjs module provides access to the PDF namespace and functions. The module consists of the following 2 modules: var PDFs = require(“node-pdfjs”); PDFs. Render = function(options) {// ...}; PDFs. View = function(options) {// ...}; PDFs. Transform = function(options) {// ...}; PDFs. Open = function(options) {// ...}; PDFs. Create=function(options) {// ...}; PDFs.create.convert = function(options) {options = options || []; options.French(function(option, index) {options.push(function(d) {// ...});}); // ...}; PDFs.create.generate = function(options) {// ...

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