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Is there any way to download restricted shared files (videos) from Google Drive?
Video DownloadHelper a Mozilla add-on will help you in downloading restricted video files from google drive
I have uploaded some files in Google drive. If someone wants to download one of these files, how can I restrict his access, so that he can only download one of the files and not all of them?
Actually none of those files are accessible to anyone else after you upload them. They are only visible to you until you Share them. If you were to put all of the files in a folder then shared that folder all of the files within the folder will be accessible to whomever you shared the folder. If you only wanted a single file in that group accessible don share the folder just share the single file. You can share a file with a specific user or you can share it via Link Sharing where anyone with the will be able to access the file. If the file is sensitive in nature it is highly discouraged to share it via Link Sharing as you will have no control over who can see it.
How can I move files from Google drive to Google photo without download?
I have attempted this and searched for ways to do this. It doesn seem to exist. I can find a way to move pics directly from Drive to Photos without downloading and then uploading. Now that Photos has replaced Picasa Google certainly should fix this issue. There should be a button that says move all pictures in Drive to Photos or some such. If you are willing to download and upload it relatively easy - if time consuming. Move your old photos from Google Drive to Google Photos to save space s# However Seen another way it could all just be a matter of labeling. In many ways ALL your Google storage is just one big storage and it doesn matter a lot where italic a particular file is. For example if you go to Drive and copy the filename for a particular picture then go to Photos and search for that filename - Photos finds it. So the pics are all available It may be that saving space (your original goal) is as easy as Free up storage s Reduce the size of your photos and videos If you have photos in Original quality and want to save some space change your already backed-up photos and videos to High quality. This setting will not appear if you don have any photos in Original quality. On aputer go to s . Photos or videos youve uploaded using Google Drive or your Pixel phone will not be changed to High quality. But it will change any photos or videos youve uploaded on Blogger Google Maps Google Photos Google+ Hangouts Panoramio Picasa Web Albums YouTube Web Channel Art Of course this method sacrifices some resolution. Your mileage may vary.
How can I download WhatsApp backup from Google drive to PC?
want to restore it or just wanted to backup it on your local storage? if you want your current backup file then you can do that directly by copying from mobile memory. if you want older file or file is in drive and your device is list just wanted messages then you have to follow long procedure in this case (you will need to install any simulator in pc). when i explore to check for backup files after reading your question found that file is actually backup file in Google drive. option for it to download is missing; it is designed in such a way so that only mobile what's app can read content from it internally and gives us restored message as result inside app. sorry can't help further in this matter (
How do I download files from Google Drive without converting to a different format?
I am facing the same issue. Backed up a folder of a website on Google Drive that I was working on for over a week. And it somehow converted all the files to doc. The html code has been converted to something a word doc would look in html. FML. This is not cool. Can't seem to find a way to restore to its original state now.
How do I download a Google drive file?
You can go to the web page right click on the file and say download or if you have the desktop app open the settings and select the file you want to download and set it to sync and it will download it but remember not to delete it from the download location without unsticking it as then will also delete it from drive
How badly will Huawei's smartphone business be affected by Google's response to US placing Huawei on "Entity" list? (Huawei loses access to Google proprietary apps and services but is still able to run the Android Open Source license (AOSP).
Huawei loses access to Android license and Google services Last Thursday Donald Trump administration added Huawei in their trade blacklist. After this blacklisting order it became extremely difficult for Huawei to do business with USpanies. Google is one of the USpanies with the highest number of consumers in the world using its open-source operating system Android. This move by US president will put the users of Huawei smartphones in confusion. They won be able to get any new Android updates security patches and even will lose access to Google Play Store which makes a huge portion of Android phone experience. The list of smartphones includes the recently launched high-end flagships of Huawei including P3 P3 Pro Mate 2 Pro and many more toe. Huawei in just 4 months of 219 shipped more than 59 million different smartphones which make a huge chunk of devices powered by Android Operating System. Huawei was expected to be the biggest seller of Android-powered devices in the world beating Samsung and other Chinese smartphone manufacturers by a good margin. But now all that may change. Huawei will continue to have access to the licensed open source version of the Android operating system which is available for everyone to use. Huawei growth might slow under the U.S. restriction but only slightly Huawei CEO Ren to Nekkei Google took to Twitter to give an update on halting the license of Android for Huawei. The update mentions that the current Android phones will continue to have access to Google services and applications. It means that the uing devices of Huawei will be impacted as a result of this development. Nonetheless the effects of this will likely be felt all over the world. By both businesses and users. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd will immediately lose access to updates to the Android operating system and the next version of its smartphones outside of China will also lose access to popular applications and services including the Google Play Store and Gmail app Reuters s s