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And to help the business librarian at Villanova University in this video I'm going to demonstrate how you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to highlight and annotate PDF documents this is a book that I've recently recently been working on but you can also pull in documents from your desktop your Documents folder or from any number of cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox which are really popular here so I'm gonna start out by opening up a document that I have it's a chapter on income inequality and when once I start reading and I maybe want to add some annotations or notes I click on the comment tool and the right pane and then you'll see all the different tools that are available so there's add a sticky note there's highlighting text there's drawing a drawing tool but if I just want to simply highlight I click on the highlighter and include the text that I'm interested in and similarly if I want to add a note I'll click on the note click in the area of the text where I want it to appear of course the quality and content of your notes and highlights is more important than how you do it but this is just the mechanics of adding these documents so then I'm going to close this and you want to always save your work doesn't remember to automatically save for you and then if I go back and open up the book that I have been working on and I want to look at comments that I've already included again click on the comment tool and I can see the comments if I forget you know that I know there's a comment that I'm not seeing I could search for it I knew that there was something but about Atkinson I can search for it and then if I click on it it will immediately bring me to that part of the text where I included the annotation so I hope this helps you get started using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for annotating and highlighting digital PDF texts.